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Here, you’ll find books, maps and DVDs that I’ve found to be useful, informative, or illuminating about Route 66. Some can be found in mom-and-pop souvenir shops on the Mother Road.

I am an Amazon Influencer. To see products I recommend for Route 66, go here.

But for folks who can’t find these things before they start their trip, there’s always And when you buy from here, you help keep this website running.


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  1. Sabrina Galiano

    I just this July of 2012, traveled RT 66 in Ill. for the first time. I loved it!!!! And plan on seeing more. I was sad to not find many sulviners, but was happy to see RT 66 on the Ill state map. I have become a great fan of this historical road. And hope that it remains alive, or better yet makes a come back to the best degree it can. But never to die.

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