Grooving with the King

Here's a slightly different version of Bobby Troup's "Route 66" by Nat King Cole, a decade after he hit the charts with it. This is off King's all-jazz "After Midnight" album in 1956. This take on "Route 66" also features excellent playing by Harry "Sweets" Edison on trumpet John Collins on guitar. In this sound … Continue reading Grooving with the King


Second thoughts

According to the information with the video, this is a student film shot at Dry Creek Station on old Route 66 east of Barstow, Calif. It's not an earth-shattering story, but it serves to show the value of slowing down and thinking about things -- a Mother Road attribute if there ever was one. Incidentally, … Continue reading Second thoughts

Two guitar heroes

Here on this version of Bobby Troup's "Route 66," you get not one, but two talented guitar-slingers in Popa Chubby (the bald, portly one) and Arthur Neilson. Great stuff.

Football promotion for Mother Roaders

If you like football and the Mother Road, the Oklahoma Route 66 Association has an event for you. The Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz of the Arena Football 2 league, along with POPS in nearby Arcadia, are hosting a Route 66 Night on April 27. Association members can purchase tickets for $5 off. Members can buy … Continue reading Football promotion for Mother Roaders

Photographer’s work inspires preservation

There's an excellent article in the Daily Oklahoman about Larry Nance, a photographer based in El Reno, and the impact he's making with local preservationists. It's advisable to read the whole thing. But the gist is that Nance as a child suffered from epilepsy, and was unable to stay at Route 66 landmarks such as … Continue reading Photographer’s work inspires preservation

A “Cars” mural

Vern Hestand III of Bear Mountain Woodworx created a mural inspired by the "Cars" movie, complete with three-dimensional touches (check out the power lines and Route 66 sign). The mural obviously is inside a private residence, but he made a video of it so you can see it. Here's the original proposal for the mural. … Continue reading A “Cars” mural

Visitors center sought at Tulsa transportation park

The blog for RedFork Main Street reports that the Southwest Tulsa Chamber of Commerce is applying for a cost-share grant to build a visitors center for the Route 66 transportation theme park under construction. The chamber is filling out an application to the National Scenic Byways program for the grant. Dittman said he and other … Continue reading Visitors center sought at Tulsa transportation park

Big Friendly Jazz Orchestra

BFJO is based in Japan, and does a version of "Route 66." Apparently a guest pianist sat in during this session (you'll see him later in the video), but the regular pianist is pretty good, too.

Michael Wallis takes Disney Imagineers down Mother Road

Taking Hollywood types on a tour down historic Route 66 is getting to be old hat for best-selling nonfiction author Michael Wallis He hasn't been guiding just Tinseltown actors, however. The first two tours Wallis guided were for employees of Pixar Animation Studios, who were researching the Mother Road for the 2006 summer hit movie, … Continue reading Michael Wallis takes Disney Imagineers down Mother Road

Restaurant will use old Phillips 66 station for catering

Cheever's Cafe in Oklahoma City needed more catering space. So the owners purchased a cottage-style Phillips 66 gas station at 401 Northwest 23rd (aka Route 66) and are converting it, reports the Daily Oklahoman. The onetime Phillips 66 station — one of only two of the original designs left in the city — was bought … Continue reading Restaurant will use old Phillips 66 station for catering