Route 66 in miniature

Willem Bor of the Netherlands is a big Route 66 fan, and has decided to make models of landmarks along the Mother Road. The models are in 1/25 scale.

Here’s one of Lucille’s near Hydro, Okla.:

Here’s one of the 66 Super Service Station near Alanreed, Texas:

These amazingly intricate and accurate models are not for sale. Bor says he’s doing them for his own amusement.

Bor is finishing a model of the Little Juarez diner in the ghost town of Glenrio, Texas. If you know any history about that diner, please explain in the comments portion of this post.

Each model, he said, is made of painted balsa wood and cardboard.

Possible future projects include the Blue Swallow Motel of Tucumcari, N.M.; the 66 Diner in Albuquerque; the Nelson Tavern and old water tower Nelson Dream Village water fountain in Lebanon, Mo.

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