Route 66 among top foreign destinations for British

The Chicago and Illinois Tourist Office reported on a Tweet yesterday that Route 66 was voted by British citizens as “the most iconic road trip in the world.”

That’s not terribly surprising. But a follow-up report this morning shows how powerful Route 66’s allure is:

According to a recent study by the Chicago and Illinois Tourist Board, Route 66 is among the top three travel experiences that travellers would love to have in their lifetimes, with 36 per cent of respondents expressing a preference to complete it.

The findings place it alongside a trip to see the pyramids in Egypt – 47 per cent – and walking along the Great Wall of China – 40 per cent.

Think about that. Of all the tourist destinations around the world, only the Great Pyramids and the Wall of China are bigger destinations for Britons than the Mother Road.

Tourism agencies in general seem to do a pretty good job promoting Route 66. But, if anything, this study indicates that they’re not hyping it enough.

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  1. 4/1/10
    just saw this News site and wonder if those foreign travelers are given information about the great signs seen on Route 66 in its heyday? The rise of the Motels, restaurants, and camping places not to mention the historical markers along this highway across America was a real picture of America. There is a new book out about the lights along a section of Route 66 in the real West. This would be a great piece of tourist keepsake for those who visit America and travel Route 66 today. It is out on and

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