TeePee Drive-In’s former operator resurfaces in Pennsylvania

Last year, you may remember Russell Brannan, who leased the long-closed TeePee Drive-In along Route 66 in Sapulpa, Okla., but never reopened it after a Route 66 News report revealed him using several aliases, leaving several theaters after operating them for a short time, and disappointed owners in his wake.

Now it appears Brannan, now calling himself Glen Brannon, has resurfaced with the Mahoning Drive-In in Lehighton, Pa.

WNEP-TV filed this report:

He said Brannon claimed he had a record of saving other old theaters.

“He wanted to lease it, and then buy the (Mahoning) Drive-in,” said Danchak. “My only hope was that he would save the drive-in.” […]

Brannan claims he was pointing the Mahoning Drive-in toward profitability, but said he had disagreements with manager Mike Danchak over ticket prices, fund-raising plans, and promotions.

Danchak said Brannan almost cost the Mahoning Drive-in dearly, by selling 250 season passes for $59 a car load.

“If we accepted them, we would go bankrupt,” said Danchak, “because we would have nothing but passes all summer.”

Danchak said Brannan’s money-losing offer forced the theater to buy the tickets back, leaving the Mahoning Drive-in with just $5,000, and time is running out to get the $60,000 projector.

A pattern has emerged with Brannan:

  • Using aliases while conducting business as a theater operator. So far, we’re up to four names and as many as six.
  • Leasing a theater instead of buying it.
  • Theater owners becoming dismayed or disappointed with Brannan’s methods and cutting him loose.

Given the disillusionment with Brannan — and the lack of any documented successes by him — all theater owners should probably be very cautious with him if he comes to your town.

UPDATE: Check out the posts from the Mahoning Drive-In’s official Facebook page to get an idea about the problems Brannan allegedly caused for the theater.

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