A visit to the Midpoint Cafe

KVII-TV reporter Larry Lemmons, based in Amarillo, traveled west on Route 66 to check out what was happening at the historic Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas.

This television segment was more in-depth than I anticipated, and it captures the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as anything.

Dennis Purschwitz and his wife Donna bought the Midpoint from longtime owner Fran Houser a little more than two years ago. The restaurant has remained essentially the same — much to the relief of longtime diners. But Purschwitz made a number of improvements to the midpoint sign across the road, which signifies the midpoint of Route 66.

(Image of the Midpoint Cafe’s interior by Drriss & Marrionn via Flickr)

4 thoughts on “A visit to the Midpoint Cafe

  1. UK R^^ fan – Visited Mid point Cafe twice over last 3 years and it is a great stop off point. Last time I was there 2012 just 100 yds up the road a guy was renovating the ‘ Bent Door’ Cafe so named because the Front of the Cafe was the top of an airfiled control tower. The ‘ bent door ‘ and windows were the angled side from the tower. He had some amazing old 1930 things inside – any news on how that renovation is going ?

    1. Meant to add it used to be the Greyhound stop and so had a concrete re inforced roof as the original plan was to put an old greyhound bus on the roof – if anyone passes that way it would be good to get an update

  2. Nothing more has happened at the Bent Door in the last 2 yrs that I am aware of. In the mean time, we have made many changes and improvements at the Midpoint Café and the Midpoint sign area across the street, with more additions and improvements coming. Dennis Purschwitz; Owner of the Midpoint Cafe

    1. Dennis, Thanks for the update – it was an interesting building and although I realise a rival in a way – I think anything that restores the original R66 buildings is good for the community generally. The guy was working hard and mostly on his own I think so I do hope he manages to either restore the front of the building as an attraction for the area or completes his plans and turns the inside into a semi museum which I think was his plan. I have some photos from my visit. Plan to visit R66 next year so will make sure I drop in to Midpoint as I always found the staff very friendly and it is a nice place to stop off and great food and service.

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