Vandalism at Blue Whale prompts security upgrades

The iconic Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma, soon will receive security improvements after vandalism occurred at the Route 66 landmark earlier last weekend.

KOTV in Tulsa had some details about the damage:

Volunteer Linda Hobbs remembers the phone call she got earlier this week saying someone vandalized the beloved Blue Whale Park.

“Had pulled picnic tables out of the pond, the trash some of it was in the parking lot some of it was still in the water,” said Hobbs.

Hobbs said trash cans were also put up on the gift shop roof and that someone had tried to kick in the door.

“I mean really why would you do that? That’s what I think, why would you do that,” asked Hobbs.

Hobbs also posted several photos of the damage on Facebook.

Police are investigating. In the meantime, the Blue Whale’s caretakers will add security cameras to the site, Catoosa police officers will increase patrols there, and neighbors will keep a more watchful eye.

Hugh Davis built the Blue Whale in 1972 on a pond off Route 66 near Catoosa. It served as a focal point for a public swimming hole for a while, but closed in 1988 and fell into disrepair. The Blue Whale was restored in 1997, and it and its grounds have seen steady improvements and thousands of visitors each year since.

(Image of one of the Blue Whale’s picnic tables tossed into the pond by Linda Hobbs via Facebook)

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