“Almost Ghosts” documentary to premiere in U.S. in Arizona next month

The “Almost Ghosts” Route 66 documentary will have its U.S. premiere next month at the 28th Arizona International Film Festival.

“Almost Ghosts,” a film from Spain directed by Ana Ramon Rubio, will be screened at 6 p.m. April 18 at The Screening Room in Tucson, Arizona. It is an official selection of international documentaries in the film festival competition.

Rubio and soundtrack composer Don Joaquín will travel from Spain to Arizona to present the film to the audience.

Here’s more about the film from and its U.S. premier:

True to its spirit of independent film festival, AzIFF has selected a work that deals with the conflict generated when the interstate highways crossed (and left aside) Route 66 in many of the towns and cities of the 8 states that it crossed, among them, the state of Arizona.

Premiered at the prestigious Spanish 63º Valladolid International Film Festival – SEMINCI, the film takes now its international flight to be shown to the American public for the first time. AzIFF will take place from April 10 to 21 in the city of Tucson, where part of the team will attend to present the film. ‘Almost Ghosts’ will compete with 12 documentary films from countries like U.S., France, Canada, Switzerland or South Korea.

‘Almost Ghosts’ tells the stories and the struggles of Harley Russell (Erick, OK), Lowell Davis (Red Oak II, MO) and Angel Delgadillo (Seligman, AZ), who have seen how traffic, economy and population of their towns disappeared overnight as the auto boom left their home places to their own fate. From the state of Arizona is one of the protagonists of the story, Angel Delgadillo, the barber of the small town of Seligman and main impulsor of Route 66 as a historical landmark.

Written and directed by Ana Ramón Rubio, ‘Almost Ghosts’ is the filmmaker’s first feature film. In 2018 she was nominated to the IAWTV Awards as Best Writing and Best Directing for her digital series ‘We All Wanted to Kill the President,’ released in Amazon Prime Video and her short film ‘The Dressing Room’ was screened in the Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival. With her first web series, ‘Sin Vida Propia,’ she received a great amount of awards in North America such as Best Non-English Comedy and Grand Jury Prize in Los Angeles Web Series Festival, Best International Series in Vancouver Web Fest or the Audience Award at the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival of Georgia.

Produced by Cristina Vivó, the project was shot during 15 days visiting the states of Arizona, Oklahoma and Missouri, among other towns on the 2,448 miles of Old 66, specially those that became ghost towns after the heydays of The Mother Road.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

ALMOST GHOSTS – a film about Almost Ghosts on Route 66 from Almost Ghosts on Vimeo.

Cristina Vivo, a producer for the film, stated in an email she is working to get “Almost Ghosts” to other U.S. film festivals and screens. She said it eventually will be available for internet streaming.

(Courtesy image of Ana Ramon Rubio with Angel Delgadillo while shooting the documentary film “Almost Ghosts”)

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