Seeing Route 66 in less than 10 minutes

This isn’t one of those fast-paced time-lapse videos of all 2,400 miles of Route 66, but a briskly edited clip that covers many of the big attractions along the Mother Road.

The folks at Route 66 Navigation praised the video on their Facebook page — partly due to the videographers using and praising the app. But I agree it’s a fine introductory video to novice travelers on the Main Street of America.

The Swiss creator of the video stated this in the description:

Route 66 road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles off the interstate highways. Take a ride along the real old Route 66 and see many points of interest including all location information. Get an idea of what you can expect riding Route 66 off the busy highways starting from Chicago to the end of the trail in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, California. Enjoy the real old road through fantastic landscapes, the abandoned motels, the deserted gas stations and the old bridges. Route 66 is more than just a road, it is an experience! If you travel on your own, I highly recommend the App Route 66 Navigation by Touch Media with turn by turn navigation, many points of interest and offline maps.

(Image of Route 66 in California by Meins Photography via Flickr)

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