Section of Route 66 in Mojave Desert will remain closed for several more years

Those who’ve waited for San Bernardino County to reopen a lengthy, storm-damaged section of Route 66 in the Mojave Desert will have to wait a while longer.

ROUTE Magazine reported in a Facebook post Wednesday part of the historic highway likely will remain closed likely through at least part of 2023:

According to the Department of Public Works, “the agency has secured some funding for some bridges. The first group of bridges that are programmed on Route 66 includes 10 bridges between Kelbaker Road and Cadiz Road. A Request for Proposal for this group of bridges will be sent out in the next couple of weeks to hire a consultant for design and environmental clearance. Construction is anticipated for FY 22/23. Another two groups with 18 bridges total are being programmed for design and environmental phases for FY 21/22. All bridges will be federally funded with Highway Bridge Program funds.”

The magazine also noted there is no estimated time for the highway to reopen. The affected area from near Fenner, California, to Amboy, California, is about 40 miles. More about road closures in the area may be found here.

The troubles began on old Route 66 in the Mojave in September 2014 when flash flooding damaged dozens of bridges and the roadway itself, forcing San Bernardino County to close Route 66 for months. It took six months for the county to reopen just the 28-mile part of the road from Ludlow to Amboy.

Subsequent storms damaged other bridges that were 80 to 90 years old, as well.

(Image of a “Road Closed” sign by huskyboy via Flickr)

One thought on “Section of Route 66 in Mojave Desert will remain closed for several more years

  1. It’s funny how the state of Confusion…ermm…California has plenty of money to tear up and fix roads that are perfectly fine, but not for any roads that actually need to be fixed….especially the National Trails Highway (Route 66).

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