How about Harley and Annabelle Russell for the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame?

The Oklahoma Route 66 Association a few days ago sent out an email asking for nominations — one living and one deceased — for the upcoming Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame inductions, held every two years.

The Hall of Fame ceremony will be June 20 at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton.

Here is the information needed for Hall of Fame nominations:

  • Full name of the nominee (state if living or deceased);
  • Biography of the nominee (nominee must live or have lived in Oklahoma);
  • Nominee’s contributions to Route 66;
  • The reason you feel this nominee deserves this award;
  • Be prepared to furnish a portrait-style picture of the nominee;
  • More than one person may be nominated;
  • Include name, address, and phone number in case the judges need clarification on information submitted.

The deadline for nominations is April 15. The association is asking for nominations to be mailed to its office at P.O. Box 446 Chandler, OK 74834 or email to [email protected]

Past inductees are Michael Wallis, Don Mullenix, Jack and Gladys Cutberth, Lucille Hamons, Kent Ruth, Jim Ross, Cyrus Avery, Dr. Walter Mason, Wanda Queenan, Lyle Overman, Kathy Anderson, Luther Robison, Marion Davidson, Lucy Stansberry, J.M. Davis, Marian Clark, Melvena Heisch, Laurel Kane, Hugh and Zelta Davis, and Blaine Davis.

Nominees that immediately came to mind were Dawn Welch, longtime owner of the Rock Cafe in Stroud; and artist and researcher Jerry McClanahan, who resided in Texas but set up a shop and welcome center in Chandler about a dozen years ago.

But the nominees that came to mind the other day were Harley and Annabelle Russell of Erick. They entertained Route 66 travelers as the Mediocre Music Makers at their Sandhills Curiosity Shop in Erick for at least 10 years until Annabelle died of cancer in 2014. Harley has carried on as a solo act but has publicly stated he may retire soon.

The nomination of Harley & Annabelle would satisfy the requirements of having both a living and deceased nominee, and inducting both at the same time would seem appropriate.

The Russells were terrific ambassadors of Route 66 and Oklahoma, and many travelers have said meeting them was a highlight — if not THE highlight — of their journey on the Mother Road.

What do you think? It’s a suggestion, and I wouldn’t object if someone else picks up the ball and runs with this idea.

(Image of Harley and Annabelle Russell in Erick, Oklahoma, via Facebook)

3 thoughts on “How about Harley and Annabelle Russell for the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame?

  1. We think is very appropriate that Harley and Annabelle be elected to the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame. We have traveled over 25000 miles on Route 66 in the past 20 years and think this duo with their skits, song/dance were one of the very best attractions. It’s not the same since Annabelle’s passing, but the memories are cherished.
    Dick and Judy Besser, Prescott, AZ

  2. We are Kiwis on Tour from New Zealand and have taken over 20 tours on Route 66 in self drive Mustangs. Without a doubt a visit to Harley is a tour highlight for many people who travel with us and they will talk about him for the rest of their lives. We saw the pain that Harley went through when Annabelle passed on and are so grateful Harley has had the courage to continue with his Mediocre Music Makers Show. They get our vote from over 800 people we have taken on Our Route 66 Tours over the last 10 years to be inducted into the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame. Noddy & Andrea, New Zealand

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