David Clark will host a Zoom talk Aug. 6 about Route 66 in Chicago

David Clark, the preeminent expert on Route 66 in the Chicago area, will present a Zoom videoconference event titled, “Route 66 in Chicago: Where the Road Begins,” on the night of Aug. 6.

Clark, InSites To Go and Route66Chicago.com are describing it as a “virtual tour” of the Mother Road in Chicago.

More from the news release:

With music and pictures, we will explore the famous highway that draws people from around the world to the city where the road BEGINs.

  • Get your kicks on Chicago’s Route 66!
  • Discover WHY the Mother Road BEGINs in the Windy City
  • Uncover the HIDDEN HISTORY shared by 66 and Chicago
  • Find the TRUE STORY of where the road begins – Jackson or Adams?
  • Learn the 66 Connections of robber barons and clout-heavy politicians
  • Get your Highway Kicks along with a Chicago History “Fix”!

The webinar begins at 7:06 p.m. Central time. Tickets are free through Eventbrite.com, but tips are “greatly appreciated.”

In an email, Clark urged people to snag a ticket even if they’re too busy to watch that night:

I encourage people to get a free ticket even if they can’t attend the live event on the 6th, because all ticket holders will have access to the recording of the event for three weeks, from the 7th through August 27th. It will be on my You Tube channel but only ticket holders will get the link for viewing.

Clark stated he’ll host another Zoom event on Sept. 6 called “Diners, Snake Pits & Long-Haul Truckers: The Commerce of Route 66.” Future episodes will feature Al Capone, Frank Lloyd Wright and more. He plans to do this each month on the 6th.

Clark has written three books and dozens of magazine and journal articles focusing on local Chicago and Illinois history. His book “Route 66 in Chicago” won the Best Non-Fiction Book award from the Illinois Women’s Press Association. He does live and Zoom presentations as well as walking and driving tours. His website is at WindyCityRoadWarrior.com.

(Image courtesy of David Clark)

One thought on “David Clark will host a Zoom talk Aug. 6 about Route 66 in Chicago

  1. Dave, with his lovely wife, Carol, gave us an exclusive tour of Route 66 in Chicago during September 2006. He took “Lulu” Bagdon, Ron Miles and me on a leisurely stroll to the landmarks. Ron and I had earlier met him in August 2001, during our first Route 66 trip (in my Fiat Panda, registered in Great Britain). In 2001 we enjoyed visiting 2 English Style pubs.

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