Murals in Cuba undergo a new preservation process

The city of Cuba, Missouri, is taking steps to protect its popular murals “for years to come” almost two decades after the first one was created.

According to the Viva Cuba website, the city is using an Impact100 grant for the project:

Involved since the inception, artist Shelly Smith Steiger is at it again. This summer, Steiger and her team of artists, Julie Nixon Krovicka, Isabella Kamler, and Taylor Rives, will apply a mural protectant to several uptown murals. As part of the project, the team has been performing routine mural maintenance to help sustain the art for decades to come. 
In addition, Viva Cuba consulted with muralist Michelle Loughery to see how her town maintained murals.  After extensive research and numerous conversations, it was decided to apply Mural Shield to Cuba’s murals. Ms. Steiger explains, “The mural shield is a real game-changer. Developed by muralists, this protective layer is a finishing touch designed specifically to increase the longevity of outdoor murals.”

Cuba contains a total of 14 murals and eventually earned the nickname Mural City. The murals depict varying historical figures or happenings in the region, including the time actress Bette Davis came to town.

Images of the murals may be seen here. A map of the murals is here.

(Image of one of the murals of Cuba, Missouri, by Isen Majennt via Flickr)

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