Historic Gordon’s Clock resurfaces in Las Vegas after its restoration

The historic Gordon’s Jewelry Clock recently was restored and reinstalled at its old location in downtown Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The jewelry store it touted is gone, but the clock stood sentinel in the 600 block of Douglas Avenue (map here) for about 75 years until it was auctioned in 2013. A local, Bob Mishler, purchased it with the goal of restoring it and bringing it back.

Mishler died in May, but a local organization continued with its restoration and reinstallation.

Here’s a video about the Gordon’s Clock saga:

And here’s a photo from the Las Vegas Community Foundation of the restored clock:

Here’s an old video about Gordon’s Jewelry, which dates to 1898 in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, New Mexico, technically isn’t on Route 66, but it has become a common side trip for those exploring the 1926-1937 alignment of the Santa Fe Loop.

(Hat tip to Allan Affeldt; an image of Gordon’s Clock in Las Vegas, New Mexico, by John Margolies via Library of Congress)

2 thoughts on “Historic Gordon’s Clock resurfaces in Las Vegas after its restoration

  1. One photo shows the hands at 3.47 pm, the other at 12.00. If it is working, how is it powered? If not, a nice touch would be to have it doing so. How was it powered and driven when the shop was the jeweller’s? What is inside the clock now? With modern electronics, it should be possible to install an electrically driven mechanism using minimal current; perhaps a solar panel could be installed out of sight nearby to power an electric drive.

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