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Louie Keen shows mockup for future neon sign wall at Uranus Missouri

Louie Keen, the self-proclaimed “mayor” of the Uranus Missouri near St. Robert, Missouri, recently posted an artist’s rendering of a neon-sign wall planned for the complex.

Keen stated on Facebook that “the wall will be painted and each of the objects on the wall are big neon pieces.”

“We believe this will be a huge draw for the community as it will undoubtably get a lot of national attention, plus all the shares across social media from visitors,” he added.

Here’s the Facebook post of him explaining the project:

Keen a few days later added a photo of the company painting the wall:

This project is in addition to a huge and complex neon sign that stands in front of Route 66 and Interstate 44 at the complex. It was installed in 2018.

Uranus Missouri now includes a creamery, escape room, sideshow museum, ax-throwing venue, world’s largest belt buckle and its now-infamous fudge factory. Forthcoming are a brewery and a miniature golf course.

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