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Chicago Cubs documentary explains how Wrigley Field was renovated

This well-produced video released last month by the Chicago Cubs baseball team, “Saving Wrigley Field,” goes into considerable detail about how the century-old ballpark underwent a badly needed renovation a few years ago.

If you have about an hour to kill, I commend it to your attention:

Though the Wrigley Field project was large-scale, anyone who has ever shored up a historic building on Route 66 can relate to these developments:

Wrigley Field, on Chicago’s north side, is about six miles from Route 66. However, because it’s a sports and city icon, it draws a not-insubstantial number of Route 66 travelers as a side trip.

Wrigley Field was listed as a National Historic Landmark just last year.

(Image of Wrigley Field in Chicago in November 2016 by Shutter Runner via Flickr)

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