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This east-to-west listing of museums, oddities, and other wonderful and weird Route 66 attractions are many of the things you might find on your next road trip.

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New Mexico



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  1. I am French, and I am try to refound the shop called “Tender Bird
    Indian Store ” if someone could tell me where is it exactly situated,
    because I would like to return there soon.Thanks for telling me the
    situation of this shop. Thanks a lot

  2. Pascale, I think you mean the Rusty Bolt and Thunderbird Indian Store. It is on old Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona. I don’t know much about it, as I’ve never been inside.

  3. people im from the uk and went to texas in october and arizona in february…but if any 1 ever goes to arizona i suggest driving down to sedona and west of sedona theres a town called jerome its tiny but so lovely and picturesque its worth checking it out…has nice shops and a great grill bar restaraunt thing which used to be an old fire house..

  4. In Cuba, Missouri, known as Rt. 66 Mural City,” there are 12 outdoor murals painted on buidlings along the Rt. 66 Corridor. You can view them from your car. If you need a map and pictures, you can get an informational booklet at the Visitor Center on the interstate.

  5. You should mention The Elbow Inn at Devil’s Elbow, Missouri. I did Route 66 in 2001 with Harley Davidson. It was the most fun I’ve had on a vacation.

  6. has compiled highlights of Route 66 related Photos, Audio and Video clips into a Route 66 album in the Multi-Media Gallery. is located in Amarillo, Texas and most of the material was gathered along Route 66 in the Texas Panhandle.

  7. hi there,
    me and a mate are thiking about driving route 66 in may 2007, do we need jabs in England ?, and is it the case of chircargo hire car with sat nav,two weeks to spare ,stop when we want (being aware of estamated time and milage) what is the longest streach without a motel ?, what im trying to ask is can it be as simple or as complacated as we chose or prahaps there are rules that need to be followed,

    thanks for your time

    kind regards Richie

  8. I’m surprised, well, amazed, that you don’t have any of the winerys in OK listed. Especially the Greenfield Vineyard at Chandler and the Bed and Breakfast that’s right next to it… the name escapes me right now.

  9. The Haunted Laughlin Tour is new. It originates out of the mall in Laughlin NV but comes up to Oatman to discuss our ghosts here. My Husband is the tour guide.. Highly recomend it. 😉 They’re also trying to put together a haunted mine tour that will tour Gold Road mine, and then let you have a couple hours to shop in Oatman before returning to Laughlin.

  10. We are planing to drive rt 66 in September.Is that a good time of the year? Planing to take 7 days.Is that OK.


  11. September is a very good time of year. It’s not as hot in the Midwest and desert, and it won’t be very cold in the mountains.

    Seven days is a lot of miles to cover for Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. But it can be done if you have long days.

  12. Like Quilts? Currently on display at the Powers Museum, 1617 West Oak (historic Route 66) in Carthage, Missoui, are the Powers-Wright family quilts spanning the years 1848-1942). These will be up until late September. Still on view while a new Carthage 66 display is being worked on currently: Andy Thomas prints and painting with scenes of 66 and local limestone balustrades from the 66 bridge east of town coming in at Central Avenue. Link cited below gives more info on our location on 66 which also was part of the Jefferson Highway prior to designation as US 66. Museum open this summer Tues.-Sat. 10 am to 5 pm. Free admission. On link is pdf file for local historical guide, including Rt. 66 alignments & sites for town. Thanks for this posting opportunity.

  13. How about the Soutwhwest Museum of the American Indian in Mount Washington and El Alisal (Lummis Home) in Highland Park? And Heritage Square Museum in Mount Washington?

    There’s the Gamble House in Pasadena, as well as the Old Pasadena Historic District. How about Suicide Bridge?

    How about the only vehicular tunnels on 66, the Figueroa Street Tunnels in Elysian Park?

    What about the Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles, site of the original western terminus of the highway?

    Hollywood Forever Cemetary? Burial place of tons of Hollywood Stars, it is RIGHT ON 66 in Hollywood.

  14. Hello,

    My Fiance and I are driving Route 66 this winter starting on Dec 26th from St. Louis, MO to CA and the weather is our only concern. Do you guys have any recommendations for driving in the winter time? Any good tips or suggestions. Has anyone been on Route 66 during winter time before???

  15. Japanese tourists typically travel the road in January, for some reason. So it’s not like it’s not been done before.

    You’ll probably be fine driving in winter weather unless you’re very unlucky. The area you’re traveling, however, can have bad snowstorms from St. Louis all the way to near the Arizona-California border.

    The only advice I would have is to make sure you and your car is prepared for winter, and check the Weather Channel or other weather reports for updates each morning so that you can plan accordingly.

  16. I have about 11 or 12 days to travel route 66. i would like to know about which towns i will be stopping at at night so i dont end up in the middle of the desert at twelve o clock at night, and so i can make reservations, the only specific motels i would like to stay at are the blue swallow, tee pee, and the glancy. i want to know what areas are more time consuming than others.

  17. Can anyone tell me the address of the od 66 drive in theatre in countyside, illinois, it war on rt.66 and la grange rd.
    if not the address how about which corner it was on.

    1. It was a little north of the northwest corner of Joliet Rd (old Rt 66) and Route 45 (LaGrange Rd) — actually on the property just north of what is now Ashland/61st St. There is a large shopping mall there now.

  18. It wasn’t on a corner, but in a field north of Rte 66 on the west side of LaGrange Rd, about even with 57th St. It’s a mall now.

  19. Hey! My sons and I are planning a two week tour (maybe a little longer if necessary) trip down Route 66. My oldest keeps talking about a giant rubber band ball…but I’ve never heard of such a thing. Is there one located along Route 66? Does anyone know? Thanks!

  20. Oh no sorry Amber we dont know if there is a located along Route 66.
    Sorry. 🙁

  21. Her name is LINDA, and I found her on route 66. THANK YOU!!!! Love you darlinn and vodka.

  22. we found Jack Skellington on the Route 66. he was in cowboy clothes and we took him with us…to PHOTOMATON! Now he’s our best friend.
    Dirus hymne:
    How did we get here? I used to know you so well!
    Well, if you don’t understand, it’s your problem.
    We are dirused for ever it’s a little problem ut it’s funny.
    We love you route 66 you brought us our best friend your in our heart for ever!
    in love pfirsisch and moon.

  23. There’s something magical about route 66, even long before I came to the States, this was a route I wanted to drive…not necessarily in a pink Cadillac, but drive nonetheless, and looks like I may meet Jack Skellington on the way after all…Halloween or no Halloween!

  24. this is real this is ME!!!! I hate Camp Rock. xP
    but i just wrote it because it was made in route 66. well, sorry. -.-
    BUT joe is cute 🙂

  25. Toto szeretlek.
    sose felejtelek el. az elsö napunkat..
    MARIKA (Ilka)
    (magyar) (ohhmm…hungarian)

  26. Anti Camp Rock, me too! XD XD XD and anti-miley and anti-HSM , but Jonas Brothers, aint so bad… anyways, i’m malaysian and i really wish to drive along Route 66. why is it shut down??????????

  27. My fiance and I are thinking of planning a honeymoon trip along Rt. 66 for about 10 days or so. I’ve done my research and tons and tons of couples have done this! Sounds like a blast!

  28. Don’t forget the Guinness World Record Largest Rocking Chair 4 miles west of Cuba, MO on Route 66. That little spot in the road is called Fanning, MO. See the murals in town, eat at one of the good local eateries, and see the 42’1″ rocker. It is next to a neat little store.

  29. Barbara – July 10th, 2009 Planning a camping trip in 2010 in a Class C Motorhome. We would like to make the entire trip starting the end of May. We are Seniors, and want to take our time to enjoy the sights along the way. What are the most important things to see. We have always wanted to take the Route 66 tour. What important things should we know. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. “Important” is in the eye of the beholder. I do not know what would be crucial for you to enjoy your trip.

      Check the links in the “Attractions,” “Lodging” and “Restaurants,” and I think you’ll figure out what’s important to you.

  30. i would love to take the trip down rt. 66 next vacation much time do you think i would need & also how many miles of riding a day should i be looking at…will be traveling on a motorcycle…& also what are the main attractions i need to visit per state…thanks a bunch & God bless

    1. Check out
      This is a group from the Czech Republic who are (currently) doing the enitre route on motorcycles – it will take them 16 days, but the tour guide told me these folks want to see EVERYTHING.

      I tell folks to expect 8-12 days depending on weather, events, and or how much you really want to see.

      Hope it helps.

  31. Hi

    Any one know how we can hire a Mustang or Corvette or similar to go on way hire from Chicago to LA on route 66 in Aug 2010

  32. I’d like to see Eisler Bros Old Riverton Store included in the Kansas section. They’ve been in continuous operation since the road was first paved. They aren’t just trying to cash in on the tourism as many places do – they really are a part of the history.

  33. Check out Cool Springs on Rte 66 west of Kingman AZ, before you get to Oatman, rebuilt exactly as it used to be back in the day. My deceased husband Chuck Schoenherr was raised out there in the 50’s. It burned down, now has been rebuilt. Enjoy!

  34. has a cool overhead view of the drive in from 1959. I used to live just below it on the S.E. corner of the intersection of U.S. 45 and 66 from 1945 to 1965. They went development crazy and it is all unrecognizable now. For anyone’s interest the Marx brothers used to live (briefly) on a farm across 45.

  35. well because of this site i am finally finished with my project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god because this is the last week to work on it and i finished it all today it took seven pages but was worhth it…the only problem was my little sister got a hld of it and typed everything!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  36. I am looking for the top 10 places on Route 66 between St. Louis to Tulsa. Please, give me some great advice!

    1. These are mine, in no particular order:

      1) Murals of Cuba, Mo.
      2) Blue Whale of Catoosa, Okla.
      3) Gay Parita station near Halltown, Mo.
      4) 4 Women on the Route, Galena, Kan.
      5) Eisler Bros. Store, Riverton, Kan.
      6) Afton Station, Afton, Okla.
      7) Coleman Theater, Miami, Okla.
      8) Meramec Caverns, Stanton, Mo.
      9) World’s Largest Rocker, Fanning, Mo.
      10) Allen’s Fillin’ Station, Commerce, Okla.

      As for lodging, I would recommend Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon, Mo., or Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Mo. I’d also be sorely tempted to put Ted Drewes Frozen Custard on the list of attactions, even though technically it’s a restaurant. There’s nothing else like it on Route 66.

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