The neon lights of Albuquerque

Red Fork Hippie Chick shot dozens of night photos of Albuquerque's neon lights along Central Avenue, aka Route 66. Check out the gallery.

Pain Walker update

Well, it looks like he's going to make it. Dennis Kinch, the man who's walking Route 66 for the National Pain Foundation, has made it through the intense heat of the Mojave Desert and now is in Barstow, Calif. He's walked about 2,100 miles so far and has fewer than 150 to go. He's scheduled … Continue reading Pain Walker update

Updated “Route 66 Adventure Handbook” is out

I found this Associated Press article about Drew Knowles' newly expanded, third-edition version of the "Route 66 Adventure Handbook." I haven't perused the new version, but I've read earlier editions of Knowles' book. I recommend it highly, because it not only concentrates on main attractions along the Mother Road, but also worthwhile side trips. This … Continue reading Updated “Route 66 Adventure Handbook” is out

Rooms filling up fast for Grants motorcycle rally

The Cibola County Beacon is reporting that eight of 10 motels in Grants, N.M., are full for the Fire & Ice Route 66 Bike Rally weekend on July 14-16. The local campgrounds have spaces. Better act fast if you want to attend, though.

Voice of America takes a trip

Voice of America radio recently broadcast a program about Route 66 on its 80th anniversary. Here's the transcript. Here's the Mp3 of the program. Here's the RealAudio file of the program.

Thoughts about the Route 66 Festival

When David and Mary Lou Knudson of the National Historic Route 66 Federation announced they were stepping away from festival-organizing in late 2005 because of health concerns, it was a given that the 2006 festival in Albuquerque would be a transition year because many inexperienced people would be running the show. Now that the festival … Continue reading Thoughts about the Route 66 Festival

Great magazines about Route 66 are out

In recent weeks, there has been not one, but two, terrific magazines that have focused on Route 66. The first is Oklahoma Today, which is devoting its entire July/August issue to Route 66 in the Sooner State. It will be out on newstands in July, but subscribers are getting it in the mail now. The … Continue reading Great magazines about Route 66 are out

Notes from the road

Here's a few odds 'n' ends I collected during our journey from Tulsa to Albuquerque and back for the Route 66 festival: We've seen a marked decline in Clines Corners, the Route 66 stop that dates to 1937. In the last couple of years we've visited there, prices on merchandise have gone up while the … Continue reading Notes from the road

Put your money where your mouth is

It sounds like the folks who wanted to have the city of San Bernardino, Calif., drape a 30-by-22-foot flag on the side of City Hall are abandoning their efforts, reports the San Bernardino Sun. Attempts to pass the proposal failed twice, mostly because of logistical problems and that it would cost $3,000 to $5,000 in … Continue reading Put your money where your mouth is

Albuquerque considering sign-size limits

The Albuquerque Tribune reports that the city is drafting a proposal to limit the size of free-standing signs in the city. Those that are over the proposed size limit of 5 feet in height would have 10 years to replace them. Fortunately, there's this item in the story: Details being worked on include how to … Continue reading Albuquerque considering sign-size limits