Cozy Dog featured on Rand McNally guide

The Cozy Dog Drive-In restaurant, a landmark on Route 66 in Springfield, Ill., is listed as a "can't miss" stop in the Rand McNally Midwest Getaway Guide, published this month. According to the news release: Cozy Dog Drive In, locally owned and operated since 1946, has been a Route 66 attraction drawing travelers from around … Continue reading Cozy Dog featured on Rand McNally guide

Asleep at the Wheel not feeling drowsy

Last year, I had a YouTube video of Western swing band Asleep at the Wheel performing Bobby Troup's "Route 66." YouTube took it down some months ago, but a new one has been posted. Check it out:

Keep that bridge open

The historic bridge that takes an older alignment of Route 66 into Devil's Elbow, Mo., needs repairs. Without it, many residents of the town would have to drive miles out of their way. This sounds like a slamdunk for state road assistance. But the Waynesville (Mo.) Daily Guide says the county isn't taking chances: Pulaski … Continue reading Keep that bridge open

Hear Michael Wallis’ keynote speech

If you missed author Michael Wallis' keynote speech at the National Route 66 Festival in Clinton, Okla., last week, you can listen to it on this page. The QuickTime sound file is about 33 minutes. Rod Harsh at and recorded it. Harsh also has a bunch of photos from the festival.

Kit-Kat Klocks marks 75th anniversary with tour

I missed the beginning of this event, but Kit-Kat Klocks is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a Route 66 tour, joining with the Great All-American Road Show, from Los Angeles to Chicago. The tour includes a display of the world's largest Kit-Kat Klock, which is 75 inches tall (shown above). The group stopped by Thursday … Continue reading Kit-Kat Klocks marks 75th anniversary with tour

Saving Old Two Spot

The Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff tells about how Malcolm Mackey and others saved a 1911 steam engine locomotive, nicknamed Old Two Spot, that now sits at the town's historic railroad depot. "It was kind of the town mascot because it had a whistle that was recognizable," said Mackey, 80, who still lives in the … Continue reading Saving Old Two Spot

Lightning meets Mater

The Joplin (Mo.) Globe published a story about four women who are refurbishing a former gas station on Route 66 in nearby Galena, Kan., into a tourism center. On Thursday, a family from Texas with a 1995 Mustang Cobra decked out to resemble Lightning McQueen from the 2006 animated movie "Cars" stopped by to visit … Continue reading Lightning meets Mater

‘I am being discriminated against’

Charlie Elliott wants to hold biker rallies off Route 66 near Depew, Okla., but Creek County won't let him because Elliott's property is not zoned properly for such events. Elliott tells the Sapulpa Daily Herald that "I am being discriminated against." Elliott formed a Route 66 Biker Church and has held toy rallies for charity. … Continue reading ‘I am being discriminated against’

Back to the beginning for El Vado

After a court ruling struck down the city landmark designation for El Vado Motel in Albuquerque, the matter is back before the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission on July 11 on whether to make the historic Route 66 motel a city landmark to protect it from redevelopment. A judge ruled that the commission didn't adequately … Continue reading Back to the beginning for El Vado

Route 66 stencils being painted on road in New Mexico

To identify Route 66, the New Mexico Department of Transportation is painting Route 66 stencils directly on the road's shoulder in the western part of the state, reports the Gallup Independent. Delane Barros, spokeswoman for the state highway department, District 6, said 30 of the logos will be stenciled in using white paint this summer … Continue reading Route 66 stencils being painted on road in New Mexico