One of my favorite things

Here is one of the most cherished sights of many Route 66 travelers -- the neon of the Blue Swallow Motel sign in Tucumcari, N.M. The sign was recently repaired after being damaged by a severe hailstorm this spring. As you can see, save for a slightly balky transformer in the "Motel" letters, it's looking … Continue reading One of my favorite things

Do you know the road?

To coincide with the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival this weekend, the Springfield (Ill.) Journal Register published a quiz to test your knowledge of America's most famous highway. I gained Big Daddy status (barely) by getting 12 of the 15 questions right. The Springfield questions might trip up even the most devoted roadies.

A stroll through Seligman

Here's a video of the funky sights of the quintessential Route 66 town of Seligman, Ariz. You'll see a lot of the Sno-Cap Drive-In, Angel Delgadillo's barbershop and other businesses along the main drag.

Will there be a “Cars” sequel?

I and some other bloggers have noticed a plethora of rumors that Disney/Pixar will make a sequel to its 2006 summer hit, "Cars." So I thought I'd e-mail Michael Wallis, who supplied the voice at the Sheriff of Radiator Springs in the animated film, and ask whether he's heard anything about a "Cars 2." He … Continue reading Will there be a “Cars” sequel?

Epcot Food Festival opens today

If you're a roadie who happens to be in Florida, you may want to stop at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center and check out the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, which starts today and runs through Nov. 11. And why would Route 66ers be interested? Well, there's this excerpt from a report by the … Continue reading Epcot Food Festival opens today

He’s a Pinto man

The Springfield (Ill.) Journal-Register, previewing the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival this weekend, published a great story about car exhibitor Tony Peterson of nearby Staunton, who collects Ford Pintos. Yes, Pintos. That car that safety advocates said was a fire trap. A model that contains as much infamy as the Edsel. Peterson has nine … Continue reading He’s a Pinto man

“Route 66” — a mini preview

I don't yet have the first DVD box set of the first half-season of the "Route 66" television show. It's not going to be released until late October, and review copies haven't yet been mailed. However, the folks at Roxbury Entertainment sent a promotional DVD of one episode from 1960 -- "The Swan Bed," shot … Continue reading “Route 66” — a mini preview

More reports from Oklahoma 66 meetings

Required public hearings about designating Oklahoma's Route 66 a national scenic byway are working their way across the state, and reports from newspapers are coming with them. The Associated Press has an article. The Sapulpa Daily Herald has one. And the Daily Oklahoman in Oklahoma City attended a hearing in Edmond: "More neon,” Marilyn Emde … Continue reading More reports from Oklahoma 66 meetings

“Route 66” radio show coming to KMOX

A Saturday night music show, titled "Route 66," soon will air on St. Louis' flagship radio station, KMOX-AM. This was initially reported on the rumor site Tuesday. KMOX account executive Randy Raley confirmed it in an e-mail Wednesday and added that he's "thrilled" to host the show. Here's the announcement in a news release … Continue reading “Route 66” radio show coming to KMOX

Standin’ on a Corner Festival more than just a party

The Arizona Republic published an excellent preview about this weekend's Standin' on a Corner Festival in the Route 66 town of Winslow, Ariz. Unless you've not heard pop radio in the past 30-some years, you know that Winslow's claim to fame is being mentioned in the Eagles' hit song, "Take It Easy," co-written by Jackson … Continue reading Standin’ on a Corner Festival more than just a party