Gas prices coming down in 2008?

Maybe so. This seems to go against the conventional wisdom that gasoline prices will keep inching upward. But an report last week by the Christian Science Monitor indicates that the price at the pump may fall modestly in the fast-coming year. Even if the winter is somewhat colder, the energy markets may have a greater … Continue reading Gas prices coming down in 2008?

For all small-town residents everywhere

Yeah, I know ... John Mellencamp's from Indiana, which isn't one of the Route 66 states. But he was born and raised in a small town, and his 1985 hit song by the same name (back when he still partly used his John Cougar stage name) captures the humility and pride of small-town people better … Continue reading For all small-town residents everywhere

Brits invade the Mother Road

Owen Adams of the Sunday Mirror in London tells about his trip on Route 66 with other Britons in a coach. A few things are left out in the article, including Kansas. But the piece is generous in length, and strikes a decidedly positive tone about the Mother Road. Adams also plugs Archer Direct, which … Continue reading Brits invade the Mother Road

Racetrack celebrating 25th anniversary

Located just off Route 66 near Lebanon, Mo., is the I-44 Raceway, which caters mostly to stock-car racing. The 2008 season for the 3/8-mile oval track will be its 25th, reports A good mix of weekly shows and special events for 2008 will find the weekly shows featuring UMP Late Models, USRA A-Modifieds, Factory … Continue reading Racetrack celebrating 25th anniversary

Interactive art

A traveler stopped by the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas. What's always been cool about this strange piece of artwork is it's not in a stuffy museum with armed guards making sure you don't touch it. Here, snow and rain falls on it. You can touch it, spray-paint it and even let your little dogs … Continue reading Interactive art

Restoration of Rialto Square Theatre begins

About 18 months ago, we passed on the news that a local group was trying to raise $5 million to renovate the historic Rialto Square Theatre of Joliet, Ill., which is saddled between lanes of Route 66 and is a stone's throw from the Lincoln Highway. The Joliet Herald News reports that the fundraising continues, … Continue reading Restoration of Rialto Square Theatre begins

Round and round

Another story today about the Round Barn of Arcadia, Okla. This one's by Ted Landphair of the Voice of America. According to his report, there are 1,000 round barns left in America. They were built up until the 1920s. Given the advantages of such a structure, it makes you wonder why farmers quit building them: … Continue reading Round and round

Saying goodbye to a vet clinic

Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader columnist Sarah Overstreet tells the sad tale of Dr. C.C. Moore's Veterinary Clinic in downtown Springfield, which occupied a corner of Route 66 since 1929 and is about to close. Dr. Tedd Hamaker is moving from his current location, which has only a few parking spaces and little room for boarding animals. … Continue reading Saying goodbye to a vet clinic

Route beer sales a-poppin’

When POPS in Arcadia, Okla., opened this summer, it not only offered hundreds of types of soft drinks, but commissioned one of its own. It's called Round Barn Root Beer, a nod to the Round Barn a few hundred yards east on Route 66. To many people's surprise, Round Barn Root Beer is the No. … Continue reading Route beer sales a-poppin’

Cleanup day at the Blue Whale

The Blue Whale site on Route 66 near Catoosa, Okla. (map here) was pretty messed up by this month's historic ice storm. So the Oklahoma Route 66 Association historic preservation committee has set up an emergency work day there on New Year's Day. Fallen tree limbs are all over, including one that cracked a concrete … Continue reading Cleanup day at the Blue Whale