Planning begins for Carthage Route 66 museum

Brad Belk of the Joplin Museum Complex is planning the creation of what will be the Jasper County Route 66 Transportation Museum, which will be on the first floor of the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage, Mo., reports the Carthage Press. “The consulting contract was approved and we’ll be in the preliminary design phase until … Continue reading Planning begins for Carthage Route 66 museum

Tucumcari artists open B&B

Tucumcari, N.M., artists Doug and Sharon Quarles, best-known for their murals around the Route 66 town, have opened a bed-and-breakfast in a historic home at 307 E. High St. near downtown, according to the Quay County Sun. The Quarleses' original art gallery was in the downtown Sands-Dorsey Building, but it burned down last year. They … Continue reading Tucumcari artists open B&B

A visit to Meteor City

A videographer checks out Meteor City in Arizona, which features what purportedly is the world's longest map of Route 66. There's another long map of 66 in Winslow, Ariz. The Meteor City map was painted originally by Route 66 artist Bob Waldmire, but it was repainted some years later. You can see Waldmire's version here.

Preservationists don’t want children’s museum in Grant Park

The Chicago Children's Museum is thinking of moving from Navy Pier to a site at Grant Park, which is across the street from the fabled beginning of Route 66. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, Preservation Chicago wants the museum to find someplace else: "It's completely unnecessary to put the museum in a park that … Continue reading Preservationists don’t want children’s museum in Grant Park

Book review: “San Bernardino”

The sprawl in the Los Angeles metro area is so extensive that one is tempted to describe San Bernardino, Calif., as simply one of its many suburbs. It may surprise some that San Bernardino was founded in 1810 and was incorporated just three years after the City of Angels. With more than 200,000 people, San … Continue reading Book review: “San Bernardino”

“Somewhere on a desert highway …”

"Unknown Legend" isn't one of Neil Young's biggest hits, but it a favorite among motorcycle riders. And why not? It's got diners, Harley Davidsons and a certain highway sign in the background.

Joplin tourism director wants better signage

Carol Stark, editor of the Joplin (Mo.) Globe, talked to Vincent Lindstrom, the new director of the Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau. Most chamber and tourism folks usually take an "everything is beautiful" tone with the local media. But Lindstrom seems willing to address the area's weaknesses (with the bold type as my emphasis). With … Continue reading Joplin tourism director wants better signage

Racing and reclining

The Mohave Daily News has a wrapup story about the 17th annual Great Oatman Bed Race in Oatman, Ariz., on Saturday. Oatman, a little Route 66 town nestled in the Black Mountains, periodically holds these goofy but lovable contests, including a sidewalk egg-frying event on the Fourth of July. The Mohave Family Health Care team … Continue reading Racing and reclining

Boom to bust to boom again

Heather Clark of the Associated Press takes a look at the Route 66 town of Grants, N.M., which is undergoing a boom of economic activity again because of a rise in uranium prices. With uranium prices approaching $100 a pound, it's anticipated that Uranium Resources Inc. will create the nation's largest uranium mill and draw … Continue reading Boom to bust to boom again

A “Route 66” detour

Here's Joe DiVeglia playing "Route 66" on an old upright piano, in quite a bit of a New Orleans style.