Trademark turmoil update

The controversy between Route 66 vendors, retailer and a firm in the Netherlands that is claiming trademark ownership of the Route 66 shield morphed from aggravating to surreal. It was reported a few days ago that and a sister site, Tempting, is claiming a trademark of “Route 66″ and its shield. Subsequently, … Continue reading Trademark turmoil update

Kicks on the bricks

Well, this is charming ... The dancing is taking place on an old brick section of Route 66 near Auburn, Ill. The Solar family is blogging its trip on the Mother Road.

Abandoned in Arizona

Here's a video about two abandoned Route 66 places in Arizona -- one is Pine Springs in Flagstaff, and the other is the Twin Arrows complex, which is actually starting to undergo some restoration. You may see a lot of images of Twin Arrows that you've never seen.

Looks like they made it

The fellows in Cars for a Grand managed to drive that $1,000 Cadillac all the way on the Route 66 corridor from Chicago to Los Angeles, according to a news release this morning. Chris and Jorge purchased the car on April 9th in Thomson, IL where it was reportedly kept in a barn and summer … Continue reading Looks like they made it

Child actor in “The Grapes of Wrath” dies

I missed this a few weeks ago, but Shirley Mills Hanson, 83, who portrayed a young Ruthie Joad in the 1940 classic film "The Grapes of Wrath," died on March 31 from complications of pneumonia at a hospital in Arcadia, Calif., according to the Los Angeles Times. Known during her acting career as Shirley Mills, … Continue reading Child actor in “The Grapes of Wrath” dies

Vendors roiled by Route 66 trademark claim

A company in the Netherlands that claims trademark ownership of "Route 66" and its shield has persuaded, an international retailer of custom-made products, to remove the listings of least two American vendors who have tried to sell Route 66-related products on the website. The company making the claim is, aka The domain owner, … Continue reading Vendors roiled by Route 66 trademark claim

Trial date set for McCook road closure lawsuit

A lawsuit involving the closing of a one-mile section of Joliet Road, aka Route 66, in the Chicago suburb of McCook, Ill., finally will go to trial next month nine years after it was filed, according to David Clark, aka Windy City Road Warrior. The Illinois Department of Transportation alleges that Vulcan Materials seriously undermined … Continue reading Trial date set for McCook road closure lawsuit

Don’t argue with the driver

Here's the latest of "Route 66: A Road Trip through the Bible," starring Habukkuk. I saw the punchline coming from a mile away.

Journalist dies in train-car crash near Amboy

I saw a story in the San Bernardino County Sun yesterday in which a man from Las Vegas had been traveling Route 66 west of Amboy, Calif., and suddenly stopped his car on the railroad tracks, where he died when a freight train hit it. The article didn't mention it at the time, but the … Continue reading Journalist dies in train-car crash near Amboy

A “green” refueling stop

Urban Tulsa published a long, wide-ranging article about Michael Wallis, Tulsa and the Route 66 Alliance, and two guys who want to drive Route 66 this summer in a 1966 GTO that's been converted to run on compressed natural gas. But the most newsworthy part of the article is Albert "Albee" Thomas' plans for building … Continue reading A “green” refueling stop