A tour of John’s Modern Cabins

This well-produced video gives you a tour and a history of the abandoned and fast-decaying John’s Modern Cabins, located near Arlington, Mo., off old Route 66.

The video was produced by Texas-based Synergy Media.

Most of the historical information about John’s Modern Cabins was gathered by Emily and me a decade ago. The story behind the cabins was scant, and we felt an urgency to research them before potential eyewitnesses died. Our work culminated in two articles in Route 66 Magazine. A summary of the articles can be found here.

5 thoughts on “A tour of John’s Modern Cabins

  1. I’m so glad that I was able to stop by there twice. I have a feeling they won’t survive much longer.

    I took a couple of videos, and you can find them on YouTube under loveroute66.

  2. Thanks for providing a link to my Johns Modern Cabins video and for crediting my company. Please add that the video was written and produced by Steve Salis. BTW– our award winning outdoor photographer. Thanks.

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