The story behind Giganticus Headicus

Those who have driven old Route 66 north of Kingman, Ariz., have spotted by the roadside a large green statue that resembles a cross between a tiki god and one of Easter Island’s monoliths.

The 14-foot-tall statue is called Giganticus Headicus, and it’s the brainchild of Gregg Arnold at the old Kozy Korner trailer park complex, reported the Kingman Daily Miner.

A certified welder by trade, Arnold said “The Andy Warhol Diaries,” which were published after the artist’s death in 1987, inspired him.

“The creativity just flew there,” said Arnold. “I always wanted a place like that and I thought, “What better place than Route 66?’

“I want this for artists, painters, poets, whatever their outlet is.” […]

Joining Giganticus at what was once the Kozy Korner trailer park are giant robotic ants that “crawl” on the outside walls and a windmill-type creation that uses a chair and table from the 1950s for blades.

And somewhere on the property is a drum that warns visitors there are baby rattlers inside. They soon overcome their aversion to the reptiles when they see the rattlers are for babies, not baby rattlesnakes.

Arnold says these quasi-art installations aren’t just a creative outlet for him. He’s remodeling the main building, which he hopes to reopen as a restaurant and souvenir shop. He also wants to attract artists to the site. He doesn’t have a timeline to reopen.

The statue, if you’re wondering, consists of metal, wood, chicken wire, Styrofoam, and cement.

Giganticus Headicus also has a YouTube channel, where you can hear a lot of trippy music. I recall the owner once imposing strong restrictions against publishing photos of the site, but those curbs went by the wayside years ago.

(Photo of Giganticus Headicus complex by mlhradio, via Flickr)

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