Irv’s Burgers will stick around for a while

The Hong family that operates the historic Irv’s Burgers stand in West Hollywood, Calif., will not be forced out by eviction and can stay there until it finds another site, reported an officer for the West Hollywood Preservation Alliance.

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, vice president of the preservation group, said in an email that Steven Bohbot, a vice president and press representative for the Standard Oil Investment Group, acknowledged Sonia Hong’s family cannot pay a proposed rent increase in that space. Oldenkamp’s email continues:

But he did say he was very fond of the entire Hong family and that he has even offered to buy Irv’s Burgers business for “A very good amount of money” from Ms. Hong. He said she thanked him, and that they now have an understanding AND SHE HAS ACCEPTED. She is free to continue at Irv’s until a new location is found for her family to set up business.

He also assured Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, vice president West Hollywood Preservation Alliance that the building would maintain its integrity and be restored to the Secretary of the Interior standards.

Oldenkamp said West Hollywood News will publish a story in its Monday edition about the Irv’s Burgers saga.

It’s been known that developers wanted to create a Beach Cafe lounge and restaurant on that site, and had a plan in place to merge Irv’s into the design.

Irv’s originally was a Queen’s Burgers stand back in 1950. It’s located at 8289 Santa Monica Blvd. George Motz, host of the Travel Channel’s “Burger Land,” has cited Irv’s as having one of the best burgers in the country.

(Image of Irv’s Burgers by unsure shot, via Flickr)

2 thoughts on “Irv’s Burgers will stick around for a while

  1. Unfortunately, without anything in writing, this is really just more of the same from the property owner. As much as I don’t want everyone to start hating the guy, the fact is there is no lease between he and Sonia, and he is asking for a massive rent increase AND for her to pay for the roof repairs that are required before he can continue construction on the new building on the lot. This puts the Hongs in the unfortunate position of not being able to continue operating the business that is a landmark because of them as much as it is because of the building and the actual business.

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