Michael Wallis confirms there will be a “Cars 3”

Michael Wallis, author of “Route 66: The Mother Road,” recently traveled to Alton, Ill., for a reunion of Western Military Academy alums.

You’ll hear him during this 25-minute interview on WGBZ radio in Alton about the military school, plus Route 66 and his role in the movie “Cars.”

But about the 22-minute mark, you’ll hear him drop a pretty big nugget of news — that Disney-Pixar will make a “Cars 3” film that goes back to Route 66 and includes Route 99, a historically significant highway in California.

This isn’t idle speculation by Wallis. He’d hinted before about a second “Cars” sequel. And the fact he’s Route 66 consultant for the “Cars” franchise in addition to holding the Sheriff of Radiator Springs role (seen above) gave his hint more credibility.

But instead of hinting, Wallis came right out and said there would be a “Cars 3,” despite the lack of direct confirmation by the studio.

The first “Cars,” released in 2006, grossed more than $460 million worldwide. That’s impressive enough, but the film spawned more than $5 billion (with a “b”) in merchandising sales — by far the most at Pixar. “Cars 2,” released in 2011, wasn’t as well-received (even Wallis acknowledged he didn’t like it that much during the interview) but it grossed more than $550 million.

“Cars” depicted the fictional Route 66 town of Radiator Springs, based on many real-life people, towns, and landmarks on Route 66.

(Hat tip: Suzanne Wallis)

22 thoughts on “Michael Wallis confirms there will be a “Cars 3”

  1. YAY!!!!
    Go US-99!!!!
    (I mean once the Dust Bowl people got to California, there was a road to take them north and south through the state.)
    Come and visit us in Selma on your way through!

  2. Thought they missed the mark when they left Route 66 in Cars 2. Good to hear they are coming home for #3. Can’t wait.

  3. wow any original ideas yet disney? no? gonna keep milking this and any other generic princess movie for years to come still? yes? wow disney one step forward and three steps backward. gotta hand it to them, they know how to make money

  4. So who cares if it’s another version of the same idea? it works, kids absolutely love it, it’s a great franchise and it makes them money, what.. wait.. can you actually do better? before you criticize you might want to look at your own self.

  5. Carros Foi Sensacional,Compensação Carros 2 Foi Uma Decepção ,Sim a Disney/Pixar Erraram nos Carros 2 Mas o Filme Tem Milhões de Fãs Espalhado Por Ai Você Não Pode Deixar de Fazer Um Filme Por Causa das Criticas .
    Então Carros 3 Seria Uma Volta Por Cima.
    Sei Que Tem Muitos Dizendo Que o terceiro Vai Ser Igual o Segundo ,Não ,Não Vai Porque Eu Confio ,Eu Acredito Que Carros Vai Ser Igual o Primeiro Carros Vai Fazer Sucesso
    Não Deixe Acabar Uma História Por Causa de Um Erro
    Todo Erro Tem Perdão
    Então Disney Confio Em seu Trabalho Carros 3 Vai Ser Um Ótimo Filme 😉 !!!

  6. SOONER! PLEASE RELEASE IT SOONER! My Boys LOVE Cars, and we have watched Cars 1 & 2 ENDLESSLY, so much so that I can nearly recite word from word both movies without batting an eye! Getting pretty close to being able to do that with Planes, AND I’m SO happy that Planes 2 will be coming this summer, but, we NEED Cars 3, SO I can see something different! Come on Disney, don’t fail me now! I’ve grown up on Disney, and my kids are too, please for the love of what is all good, release Cars 3 SOONER! Finding Dory, can wait, Nemo was good, and I LOVED Dory, but Cars is where it’s at! Don’t Fail us! Release Cars 3 FIRST!

  7. Its about time their should be more American muscle cars also in cars 3 along with NHRA first drag racing cars and more classic American cars, People in America that are cars fans and cars collectors are really getting beyond tired of import cars in everything that Pixar has done so far with Disney and their cars films and also maters tales.

  8. i cant wait to watch the new cars My son loves these movies so much and I could go for a new one myself to watch

  9. I think that there will be scenes of the following Piston cup race seasons after LMcQ rookie year, that will show LMcQ winning his first Piston cup and his time as a Dinoco sponsored racer. This will tie in the 1.55 die-cast Dinoco LMcQ with Piston Cups.( The Dinoco dream scenes realised from Cars ). LMcQ relocation and setting up of Rusteze racing at Raidiator Springs and the transition to Raidiator Springs sponsorship. There is all the fill in of LMcQ success as a Piston Cup winner, Doc Hudsons story. The time before Cars 2. Just a few story board ideas

  10. As another former Selma resident I’m hoping that some Disney focus on poor old highway 99. Will get the state to finally repair and upgrade the road. It is embarrassing to know that all the taxes that have been wasted on liberal crapola instead of fixing the roads. If it takes a film like Cars 3 to show the difference between driving and bouncing down the road I’m all for it. E.N.Christensen

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