A high-speed trip on Route 66 through the Mojave Desert

A dedicated driver known only by the name of Forgotten Hwy recently uploaded footage of drives on Route 66 through California’s Mojave Desert.

These are quality, high-speed videos with annotations of towns, prominent crossroads and streets encountered on the Mother Road.

This is a good way to travel vicariously in Route 66 in the Mojave Desert if you’re unable to take a road trip anytime soon. Also, a part of Route 66 just east of Amboy is closed until September because of bridge construction.

Route 66 from Victorville to Barstow:

From Barstow to Ludlow:

From Ludlow to Amboy to Essex:

Here’s the stretch from Essex to Needles at the California state line at the Colorado River:

You can see more of ForgottenHwy’s videos — including more of Route 66 — at the YouTube channel or the website, which describes its purpose in this way:

Forgotten Hwy is dedicated to archiving some of the most historically interesting and deleted routes across the United States. Most people probably don’t know, don’t care or forget that the road they are traveling on was actually a state highway before. Realignments, renumberings and deletions are the main causes of this. A lot of urban highways have become freeways, while their surface street routing has been left to deteriorate. Here, we’re dedicated to the preservation of America’s love with the open road and the automobile.

Freeway Jim is another fellow who uploads hundreds of quality, high-speed videos of road trips.

(Screen capture of Forgotten Hwy video stopping at Roy’s in Amboy, California)

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