Disney Imagineer gives update on Cars Route 66 Road Trip in Paris

A video emerged last week of Tom Fitzgerald, a Disney Imagineer, talking about the Cars Route 66 Road Trip ride coming to Disneyland Paris.

The short clip provides a glimpse of the tram ride under construction, along with Fitzgerald talking about how Route 66 inspired its design.

According to the Disney blog Laughing Place, the Cars Route 66 Road Trip ride will open sometime next year.

According to a previous report last month from Laughing Place:

Cars Route 66 Road Trip will be a fully themed Cars experience with new decor, story, music and vehicles, bringing guests along a Route 66 Road Trip to discover natural wonders such as the World’s biggest lugnut and active water springs. Guests will even encounter Lightning McQueen and Mater along the way.

The upcoming attraction should be a must-attend for Route 66 fans in France and the rest of Europe, which are substantial in number.

The 2006 Disney-Pixar movie “Cars” ignited years of new interest in Route 66 because of the real-life people and places that inspired the film.

The film’s long-term success also prompted the building of Cars Land at Disneyland Resort in southern California about eight years ago.

(Screen-capture image from video of an artist’s rendering of Cars Route 66 Road Trip)

2 thoughts on “Disney Imagineer gives update on Cars Route 66 Road Trip in Paris

  1. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the work you do for The Road. I was just on a You Tube panel (“Amram Reads Amram”) about Woody Guthrie, Jack Kerouac and Route 66. Talked a lot about the Autry Exhibit. And this article of yours revived my interest in doing a version of it for Paris! Fantastique.

  2. In the ‘Cars’ movie, moviemakers were great at taking inspiration from real-life locations and presenting them in animated form. Many fans of this successful movie will love to live that experience from the film. Many will be interested in going on Route 66 road trip when it will open.

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