Tail O’ the Pup hot dog stand reopens along Route 66 in West Hollywood

The iconic Tail O’ of the Pup hot dog stand that was in storage for 17 years recently reopened — along Route 66, appropriately — in West Hollywood, California.

The hot dog-shaped stand at 8512 Santa Monica Blvd. (aka Route 66) was purchased late last year by the 1933 Group, which also holds the Formosa Cafe and other historic hospitality businesses in the Los Angeles region.

Midcentury modern enthusiast Charles Phoenix posted a photo of the reopened stand:

Los Angeles Magazine recently wrote this about the stand:

“When I was ten years old, my mom took us to L.A. for the first time,” says Bobby Green, co-owner of the 1933 Group, which has also reimagined the Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz, Sassafras Saloon in Hollywood, and the Formosa cafe in West Hollywood, “and when I got back to Oklahoma, there were only three things I remembered about the trip: the palm trees, the Hollywood sign, and Tail o’ the Pup.” He adds, “It’s just one of those things that you see in the drive-scape of Los Angeles that is so iconic—even more so than the Chinese Theatre or the Capitol Records Building. It’s so in your face and over the top and adorable. So when I had the chance to bring it back, I jumped at it.” […]

Along with meticulously renovating the original structure, the 1933 Group has given it some updates, including a counter for indoor dining (the original was for takeout only) and some new artwork on the walls (photos of Sigourney Weaver and other celebrities chowing down on the Pup’s dogs). The menu has been carefully restored and includes favorites from the 1946 kitchen, such as the foot-long Baseball Pup. Among the new additions are a children’s menu, “Bowser Beer” for dogs (with leash hooks nearby), and, for the first time ever, alcohol. 

“I describe my style as sympathetic restoration,” says Green. “I don’t erase the character flaws that have been added over the years; I keep them intact. The dents, bruises, and layers of underpaint remain to tell their own story.”

The Avoiding Regret website recently paid a visit to Tail O’ the Pup and came away with a lot of information, including:

  • The location was where The Doors rock band several albums, including its finale “L.A. Woman.”
  • An outdoor patio was set up nearby that’s dog friendly.
  • The menu includes the “1946 Pup”: a grilled and split dog on a toasted bun with grilled onions and mustard (with a side of fries with cheese). 

The full menu is here.

Designed by architect Milton Black, Tail O’ the Pup dates to 1946. Despite its unique look and its appearance in numerous movies, TV programs and commercials, it was threatened with demolition several times and was forced to move at least once. It closed in 2005 and was moved into a warehouse, according to Wikipedia. The 1933 Group purchased the stand about four years ago.

The City of Los Angeles in 2006 declared Tail O’ the Pup to be a cultural landmark.

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