City of Amarillo begins repainting water tower that will sport a Route 66 emblem

The City of Amarillo recently began repainting a water tower that will include a special Route 66 emblem, probably by early spring.

KFDA-TV reported about the project last week:

“You really don’t know if you’re on Route 66, unless you’re seeing those brown Route 66 signs that are pretty spread out. Having these markers will really help to signify that you’re on the Route 66 you’re on the historic district. When visitors are in town, they can see, they can look up and say, ‘oh, I’m on the historic district,’” said Hope Stokes, marketing director for Amarillo CVB.

Having a massive attraction like the water tower, located at 6th Street and Independence, can also promote shopping on 6th Street.

“It just adds another dimension of something for people to visit or stop for another reason and anytime you have a photo offer, it’ll give people another reason to stop. You’re going to hold them in town a little bit longer, you know, spend a little bit more money to hopefully eat at one of our local mom and pop restaurants or shop the businesses,” said Dora Meroney, member of Historic 6th on Route 66, Old Route 66, and SJNA, and owner of Texas Ivy Antiques on Route 66.

Meroney last week also posted photos of the beginning stages of the project:

The station reported the project to repaint the water tower took 12 years, with $18,000 raised through donations from 22 states and three countries.

They anticipate the paint job will be finished by March — in time for the tourism season.

The 15-by-16-foot emblem should last seven to 10 years, with a maintenance fund established by the neighborhood.

The water tower is just off Sixth Avenue (aka Route 66) on the city’s west side.

(Image of an artist’s rendering of the Amarillo Route 66 emblem for the water tower)

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