Czech metal band performs “Route 66” in Joplin City Hall

A Czech metal band called Doga recently performed its song “Route 66” on a staircase of city hall in Joplin, Missouri.

According to the Joplin Globe:

There have been more than 1.2 million views of the band Doga and its song “Route 66,” released last year on YouTube. The band performed the song on acoustic instruments Thursday rather than the electrified version posted on the video platform. Doga toured Route 66 last year to create a video for the song, which is sung in their native language, although the lyrics “Route 66” and the famous catchphrase of cartoon character Fred Flintstone — “Yabba-Dabba-Do” — can be heard clearly.

The group and some of its fans made up an entourage of 44 people who are touring the historic highway now. 

Zdenek Jurasek, president of the Czech Route 66 Association, was leading the tour.

According to KSNF-TV, the band is shooting a new video for the song while on the road. Here’s the video from the station:

In case you’re wondering, Doga’s “Route 66” bears no resemblance to Bobby Troup’s famous version, other than the subject matter.

Here’s the official video shot last year:

(Screenshot from KSNF video of Czech metal band Doga performing “Route 66” on the steps of Joplin City Hall)

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