New coffee table book, “Howdy Neighbor,” features Route 66 photographs from Southwest

A new coffee table book, titled “Howdy, Neighbor! Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas,” features photographs from Route 66 and other destinations in the Southwest.

Co-author Stephanie Khattak stated in an email:

Featured Route 66 locations include the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Tucumcari, Santa Rosa and Cadillac Ranch and many others.

“Howdy, Neighbor!” was photographed over multiple road trips from Texas to its neighboring states. While it doesn’t cover the entirety of Route 66 and includes destinations off the route, your community might be interested in the book, which also shares behind-the-scenes stories, observations and recommendations for interesting places to eat, shop and experience along the way.

She estimated the book was about 20% Route 66 content.

Here is one set of sample pages, from Santa Rosa, New Mexico:

The 117-page book can be ordered from K.Co Press website, which also includes a few sample pages.

(Images of the “Howdy Neighbor” book courtesy of the co-author)

One thought on “New coffee table book, “Howdy Neighbor,” features Route 66 photographs from Southwest

  1. At $65, this seems more than double the price of similar books I have purchased. I have to wonder how they decided on such a high price as that is not even close to what I would be willing to spend. I applaud their courage and audacity and assume they have the bank account to afford the luxury of a vanity print. Am I so out of touch at age 65 with the norm that this is book will sell anything other than a few copies. eBay practically gives books away for the shipping cost which is sad but true. Now if they don’t care to make a profit, I think it’s fantastic they make a book available for purchase. They may be a bit too proud of their product and few will ever see it. They are in the book business I guess they know what they are doing. But I’m an average consumer and it “ain’t” gonna sell to us.

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