More details emerge of Slug Bug Ranch’s imminent move to Amarillo

It was announced a few weeks ago that the Slug Bug Ranch, aka Bug Ranch, landmark in Conway, Texas, would be moved to the east side of Amarillo.

The Amarillo Globe-News (via AOL) had more details about Slug Bug Ranch, which is set to open at its new site across the Starlight Ranch Event Center of Interstate 40 next month:

 It will feature a more tourist-friendly atmosphere, sidewalks, and more vehicles to decorate outside of the original five Volkswagen bugs. In addition, there will be 10 more VW bugs and seven of the Big Texans’ former limousines buried in the ground, with two others to decorate. […]

With its location closed in October and a failed proposal to move to a new 10-acre location, former owner Ettie Crutchfield contacted Starlight Ranch co-owner Bobby Lee to ask if he would be interested in the vehicles from the bug ranch since he had been a huge supporter over the years.

“I did not hesitate because I would love to have this in Amarillo,” Lee said. “This was an iconic landmark, so to me, this was big, especially with all the interest in Route 66. So many people knew about this attraction. I think this will complement the famous Cadillac Ranch but will also be a unique enough entity. This is the start of many new projects on the city’s east side.”

The nonprofit Bug Ranch Association will oversee the new site into the foreseeable future.’

On a related note, Altura Engineering and Design of Amarillo recently posted on Facebook its images of the revitalized Bug Ranch at its new home:

The future of Slug Bug Ranch was in limbo for months because of a dispute between Crutchfield and tenant Steve Clegg.

Slug Bug Ranch, inspired by the internationally famous Cadillac Ranch 35 miles to the west in Amarillo, is a site where five vintage Volkswagen Beetles are planted nose-down into the Texas soil just off Route 66.

Tommy Crutchfield created Slug Bug Ranch in 2002. He died in 2009.

(Image of Slug Bug Ranch in Conway, Texas, by Martha T via Flickr)

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