Grand opening and christening for new Bug Ranch in Amarillo set for June 14

The newly formed Bug Ranch Association has scheduled a grand opening and christening for the new Bug Ranch location in Amarillo later this month.

These free events will be at 6 p.m. June 14 at 1415 Sunrise Drive in Amarillo (map here) at the Starlight Ranch Event Center and near the Big Texan RV Ranch.

The new Bug Ranch under construction in Amarillo.

The nonprofit Bug Ranch Association already has posted several photos of the construction site.

Bug Ranch will debut with 14 vehicles buried nose-down into the Texas soil, with an option to expand later.

Like its counterpart Cadillac Ranch across town, visitors will be able to spraypaint the vehicles.

The ABC affiliate in Amarillo posted a story about the construction, including an interview with Bobby Lee at the Big Texan Steak Ranch:

“To have another art installation that enthusiasts of all ages can get off the road and enjoy, is just really exciting,” said Kashion Smith, Executive Director of Visit Amarillo. […]

“The one thing we want to concentrate on is accommodating the travelers and that means nice sidewalks, landscaping with benches and shade structures and the ability to do more than just spray an old automobile,” said Lee.

“We are lucky in Amarillo actually across Texas Route 66 we have some of the bigger icons of Route 66 which I think has influenced some of Amarillo’s flavor so we have a lot of different types of art installations,” said Smith. “We really have some funky neat art installations and things that speak to a quirkier side of our personality.”

Lee believes adding a new roadside attraction along I-40 in Amarillo’s east side will get plenty of visitors. He cites the high volume of vehicles going through seven days a week and firmly believes this can be a catalyst project and attract additional development.

A news release from Andy Meroney, president of the Bug Ranch Association, states:

Originally created in 2002 by the Crutchfield Family in Conway, Texas, the VW Bug Ranch featured five Volkswagen Beetles buried nose down near their service station and curio shop. While the businesses unfortunately closed, the Bug Ranch — also known as the Bug Farm and the Slug Bug Ranch — continued to capture the hearts of Route 66 travelers and Volkswagen Beetle enthusiasts alike.

In 2023, Mrs. Crutchfied sought the assistance of the Old Route 66 Association of Texas to find a new home for the Bug Ranch. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of Bobby Lee and Mrs. Crutchfield, the Bug Ranch has found a new home in Amarillo, Texas, ensuring that this beloved roadside attraction lives on for future generations to enjoy.

The association is selling custom highway shields that will be etched into the concrete borders around the site.

You also can follow the Bug Ranch Association on Facebook and Instagram.

(Image of the Bug Ranch under construction in Amarillo via the Bug Ranch Association)

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