Barc-ee’s — not Buc-ee’s — coming to Marshfield just off I-44

Barc-ee’s — not Buc-ee’s just down the road — is planning a pet-friendly development along Interstate 44 in Marshfield, Missouri, next month.

According to a report in the Springfield News-Leader, the Barc-ees will include a dog park, a coffee shop, food, games and a Western-themed miniature city for children.

Barc-ee’s is the brainchild of John Lopez, who has opened the Old Route 66 Wellness dispensary, K9s for Camo Inc. and the Howliday Inn Pet Resort in the area.

A military veteran, Lopez overcame a fear of dogs and has opened training centers and other amenities for them.

From the newspaper:

The attraction aims to create a fun and convenient stop for families and their furry companions. Lopez has partnered with Sherif Magd, owner of MacCheesy’s and The Kebab Shack, to offer new dining concepts at Barc-ee’s. Additionally, the gas station will showcase Amish pies, ice cream, antiques, and is working on a deal to add a Tesla charging station.

In a nod to Buc-ee’s, Barc-ee’s plans to advertise along I-44 up to 600 miles out with billboards featuring friendly jabs at its inspiration. Lopez’s legal team has confirmed there are no issues with the similar names, according to a press release.

Lopez also stated in a LinkedIn post that Barc-ee’s would offer “the world’s 2nd Best Cup of Coffee.” Apparently his tongue is planted firmly in cheek.

Barc-ee’s, slated to open by July 1, will be at 140 York Drive, just off I-44 in Marshfield. Old Route 66 is on the other side of the overpass.

I suspect Barc-ee’s will become quite popular. More and more people are traveling with their dogs, and they will go out of their way to spend money at pet-friendly facilities.

Incidentally, Barc-ee’s will be only 17 miles east of Buc-ee’s in Springfield, the first such store in Missouri that opened to much fanfare — and crowds — in December.

(Image of the Barc-ee’s logo)

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