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On the suggestion of a reader, I updated the Campgrounds listings page on Route 66 News today. Most of the ones listed from the last update in December 2008 are still operating.

However, I found a few had gone out of business, and I added new ones as well. Google, I discovered, is getting better at finding such businesses than when I first compiled this list in 2006.

I do not go camping, so I cannot vouch for these campgrounds’ quality. However, I do try to include campgrounds that are on Route 66 or within a mile or so (thank you, Google Maps).

I first compiled the campgrounds list after a few suggestions from readers. I was surprised how well it was received and still is. Apparently, the page filled a niche that had been long neglected.

Also, I’ve trimmed a few blogs from the Blogroll that have gone inactive, and added a few. Drop me a line if you think there are others that should be included.


One thought on “Campgrounds updates

  1. Scott Piotrowski

    I will personally vouch for the following:
    KOA, 934 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe (505) 466-1419
    this is one of the better ones I have stayed at

    KOA, 5803 N. U.S. Highway 89, Flagstaff (928) 526-9926
    average, nothing special, but perfectly acceptable

    KOA, 801 E. Highway 66, Seligman (928) 422-3358
    perfectly OK if you don’t mind a train whistle every 20 minutes

    KOA, 5400 National Old Trails Highway, Needles (760) 326-4207
    Oh my this was nice!

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