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Ostrich farm led to a stretch of Route 66

A small section of Sunset Boulevard (aka Route 66) in the Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles is lined with sandstone bluffs.

That “cut” dates to an 1887 railroad line to an ostrich farm.

No kidding. This video explains:

If you’d like to explore it yourself, here’s a Google Map of the location.

The video was produced by Valley Spring Lane Historical Consulting and Echo Park Historical Society. Apparently other historical videos about Sunset Boulevard are in the works.

(Hat tip: Scott Piotrowski)


One thought on “Ostrich farm led to a stretch of Route 66

  1. Tim Anderson

    LA has so much eye candy for fans of car culture, neon signs, mimetic architecture…it’s always a treat to discover the history behind roads I have actually traveled. Thanks for sharing this.

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