Barbecue stand opens at Pioneer Camp site in Wellston

Butcher BBQ Stand, Wellston, OK

An award-winning barbecue pitmaster recently opened a restaurant inside a converted railroad car at the old Pioneer Camp site along Route 66 in Wellston, Oklahoma, according to an article by KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City.

Levi Bouska runs the Butcher BBQ Stand near the intersection of Route 66 and Route 66B — an alternative alignment that goes through town — around lunchtime on Fridays and weekends until the food is gone. The latter is a hint that you’d better get there early to ensure a meal.

More from the story:

Bouska says, “When we put this together I literally wanted to build a destination spot. I wanted to build a place that I would want to go to because I’m kind of a foody. I plan trips around where to eat.”

Levi’s family has some history with this intersection of Route 66 and I-44 near Wellston.

In the 1920’s owners named it Pioneer Camp.

Later on, it became the barbecue joint where Levi grew up.

He recalls, “I was in there at 5 years old so I’ve been around barbecue my whole life. Then my dad and uncle got into competitions in 2006.”

The Pioneer Camp building remains closed, but it’s still standing. And it’s good to see someone doing something cool to that old property.

(Image of the entrance to Butcher BBQ Stand near the Pioneer Camp site via Facebook)

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