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“Greetings from Coldwater” novel is available

Greetings from Coldwater cover

This isn’t going to be a book review, because I’m married to the author and am understandably biased.

Regardless, Route 66 fans likely will be interested to know of the publication of Emily Priddy’s first novel, “Greetings from Coldwater,” set on Route 66 in the fictional town of Coldwater in eastern New Mexico.

Print and e-book versions went live Saturday.

Here’s a brief summary:

Greetings from Coldwater tells the story of Sierra Goldsmith, a recently unemployed photojournalist in her 30s who is headed west on Route 66 to scatter her late father’s ashes in the Pacific Ocean when a migraine drives her off the road and into the dilapidated but historic Tumbleweed Motel in the fictional town of Coldwater, New Mexico.
Over breakfast the next morning, Sierra learns the motel’s longtime owner, Miss Shirley — a mysterious but kindly widow with a haunted past — has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and fears for the future of the Tumbleweed and its developmentally disabled handyman, Joey, who has lived on the property since 1969.
That chance meeting becomes the catalyst for a series of events through which the two women find reconciliation, redemption, and renewal in a piñon-and-sage-scented land where petroglyphs come to life, memories materialize out of thin air, and — on certain evenings, when the veil between past and present is at its thinnest — the wind shape-shifts into the voice of a banshee as it wails down from a mesa stained with the blood of ancient warriors.

Here’s the video trailer for “Greetings from Coldwater”:

A print form of the book may be purchased from CreateSpace here. The Amazon Kindle version of the book may be purchased here. Emily also maintains an author Facebook page here.

We’ve been told if you want to order the book as a gift for Christmas, it’s advisable you do it soon because the publishing house tends to get backlogged with its printing jobs around the holidays.


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