Is the Tri-County Truck Stop haunted?

The historic Tri-County Truck Stop on old Route 66 in Villa Ridge, Mo., is known by roadies for its good grub, especially its country ham, not paranormal activity.

But Missouri Paranormal Research this month conducted what appears to be two extensive investigations of the truck stop for ghostlike activity. If nothing else, you can read a surprisingly well-researched report on the group’s site about the restaurant’s history.

There’s been alleged reports of an apparition sighted at the restaurant, and of another presence nicknamed George who supposedly has gotten a little touchy-feely with the restaurant’s female help. (Sounds like George needs to be slapped, or at least reported to H.R.)

The investigative team reportedly captured photos that contained unexplained blurry spots. Then there’s this video sequence shot in the restaurant’s basement that shows some sort of blueish figure going across the frame. This video was posted on YouTube; you can see it here:

I’m skeptical. But KTVI-TV, a Fox affiliate in St. Louis, did a story Monday about the group, which either gives it some credence or shows how much KTVI’s credibility has plummeted.

We report; you decide.

77 thoughts on “Is the Tri-County Truck Stop haunted?

  1. That is quite creepy but it looks a bit to “un”real to be real. I wouldnt have thought a ghost would have moved like that. Or looked like that. Interesting none the less though.

  2. You know, the last time I had their great buffet, I felt that something strange was happening to my plate. Everytime I looked down, there was less food there. I just KNEW there had to be an explanation.

    There must be activity by those curved windows where we ate. Great view of the trucks and 66ers rounding the curve.

  3. The video was not only faked but done very badly. A truth that many find hard to swallow is that there is no concrete evidence of the supernatural whatsoever. As a skeptic I keep searching for this but all I seem to get are videos like this, or photographs of orbs.

    I have never seen a supposed haunting that did not have a logical explanation.


    1. For your info batboy the tri county restraunt is too haunted my uncle investigated him self and if you dont belive me why dont you go jump off a bridge

    2. sorry sir,
      but i was working at Tri-county the night this research was taken. and it is VERY real. we could hear germain voices. and chills. there is a basement that has no airflow but it had sudden bursts of heat then cold. so u do not know what your talking about

    3. I agree. Why do people fake this stuff??? Don’t they realize it’s not a benefit for serious paranormal investigators? We are constantly sifting through phonies, and it would be nice if they could just tell the truth. I do believe Tri County could have spirits within its confines and on the land, but we certainly need someone credible to research it as opposed to fabricators.

  4. I was actually there in the basement last night and there is all kinds of weird things that were happening…we were on the farthest side from the door in the basement and there was a firgure walking back and forth pacing in front of the door, the lights would move and after we all fell asleep one person stayed awake and did see the blue figure, this place isn’t fake its for real. !!

  5. The worst part of this is, when a video like this is faked, it makes it that much more difficult to do real research in this field. Not only is it faked, it’s faked poorly.

  6. hi, i live in a haunted house not far from the truck stop. i am a medically educated person, what i have seen and heard has caused me to sell my house. i was not alone when witnessing the events. i will remain annonymous. however you can leave a letter at the truck stop, to the lady who sold her house if youre doing research and want more info.

  7. Anonymous: why would you sell your house? Since you are in the medical profession. You should know more than anyone else that the mind is more than capable of fooling itself.

    You should also know that the supernatural or belief in the supernatural is merely a misinterpretation of natural occurrences. I have been a researcher for over 20 years I have yet to find a haunted house. Or any evidence of the paranormal.

    Best of luck


  8. my two friend’s and I worked at tri at a diffrent time but we all will say that the basement is not a fun or nice place to be.the video looks fake but i know somthing is around.all the workers but 2or3 did not want to go down there to hook up a soda bag to the c02 tank when one ran out.i seen heard and felt things i do not have time to type and not only down stairs.

    1. I Think The Tri County Is Haunted Because One I Live 2 Miles Away From It. And Because I Whent There In 2007. Also The Food Was Gross. And It Was All Broken Down When I Whent There. I Whent Down There On Halloween And You Could See A Little Tiny Shadow. But It Is Interesting 2 Read About This Stuff When U Live Next 2 It.

  9. i remember that one night 10/4/97 i was at tri county and seen things.i seen yellow eyes in the rest room with a mist around it. i told my self after i seen some other things i was never going to do acid agin.

  10. I am a co-administrator of MPR and if anyone has more stories of either the history or haunting of the Tri County Truck Stop then you can contact me at: [email protected]

    We would still like to add to the research concerning this and that area of our website to share. We now have employees dating back to the 50’s that have experienced things.

    Also, we had an incadescent light bulb thrown at us from the back of the basement (about a 50 foot throw) with noone back there. Another time a rusty butcher knife which was on the floor of an old freezer in the basement on past investigations, and even earlier in the day before also flying several feet at 3 investigators in the basement. It hit a verticle vent duct and bounced 8 to 10 feet off it before hitting the floor.

    We were told by someone that a Mr. Bates sue to live in that basement decades agao and he use to trow things at employees who went down there.

    It was closed due to health/safety reasons per my understanding. Something with a fire supression system and possible asbestos in the facility. That is what I have heard and have not validated such.


  11. I am with Show Me Paranormal Investigations, a team of evidence driven researchers, and I read the reports from MPR about this site. We would love to investigate it. In fact, we would love to investigate any site that MPR has determined to be haunted. I am extremely skeptical of the reports and evidence from this location, but if we find evidence it would certainly support MPRs findings.

    Bill Houser, MS
    Show Me Paranormal Investigations

  12. BatBoy,

    Way to go…If you ever want to come along w/ us just let me know. While I have to disagree with your stern belief that there is no evidence to support the paranormal. I do love your hard line on investigations. You are welcome anytime….We may even find some evidence for you to consider, but you’re right we wouldn’t find any proof.

    Glad to see logic isn’t dead…just yet,


  13. Tri County was closed due to structural problems The cost to repair these was out of my limits so sorry however the owner of the building is now in the process of doing a complete remodeling of the building and hopes to reopen by April thanks for all the continued support. See you along the mother road!

  14. MPR’s investigative techniques are a joke, if any other group would go in there, they would not find anything close to what MPR has found because it’s not real. I would like to see a real, professional paranormal investigative team accompany MPR on an investigation and see how unorganized they are and how they invent their evidence. Someone please, go investigate and post a brief report here so we can see what you found and compare it to the MPR’s evidence.

  15. Bill,

    Thank you very much for the invitation, since I live in Las Vegas it might be difficult this time for me to make it. Besides, I would not want to spoil things for you, because it seems like whenever a hard-line skeptic like myself is involved in ghost hunting, nothing seems to happen. On one occasion a psychic told me that I actually had a dampening field around me. When I asked her for the evidence of this dampening field. Along with evidence that she is actually a psychic. Things went downhill from there, as I stated earlier, when you put together all of the evidence, both from amateur ghost hunting which is light-years from scientific.

    Or evidence gathered from parapsychology. It still comes out to a great big zero for the paranormal, evidence that has been declared genuine to this point is only open for interpretation based on a preconceived belief in the paranormal. Naturally, I don’t have time here to go into a large discussion about about evidence or the gathering of it. Or the dynamics of hauntings as it applies to the human experience basically, ghosts are us. But if you would like for me to examine any evidence from a skeptical point of view that most certainly can be arranged. My discipline is engineering.

    Also, think about this, one of the very first skeptical questions concerning ghosts still has not had a satisfactory answer. Why do ghosts wear clothes?

  16. Whoa… do people really buy this video? This group is notorious for putting bogus “evidence” out there. Whether this truck stop is haunted or not, I would never take MPR’s word for it.

    1. Did U Know That They Found Some Stairs That They Never Knew Of. And They Found A Ghost In The Bathroom And Seconds Later………… Gone.

  17. I was going to stay out of this but decided to google the phrase “mpr faked evidence” and bam here I am on this! funny eh? I too have had a look at this video elsewhere online and also viewed the website they have up. and let me tell you this is not the firstt ime they have faked something. It appeasr all of the evidence they generate and generate is the operative word here! is all faked and poorly done at that! shame on you MPR! shame shame. you are an embarassment to real paranormal investigators. Oh and BTW the reason the door closes in the breezeway of that house……window was open you can clearly see that and it was very very windy which you can also see. get a grip MPR, you guys suck really really hard. Aren’t you a little old to be playing make believe?! I will keep my identity private here due to that fact MPR has a nasty habit of causing online drama for other people who point out their fakery. But I am a paranormal researcher and you guys are a joke.

  18. Look “greg”… the previous posts and you can clearly see that you guys are not fooling anyone with your fake evidence. Have you guys cornered the market on blue ghosts or what?! you want to say people are trolls cause they say what is true? if you do not want people to point out the obvious fakery involved in all of this evidence you all post then don’t post it! As long as your group continues to create and post faked evidence there is going to be someone out there who will say something about it. you and your group have brought this kind of thing on yourselves by putting it out there for the public to see. Grow up and get out of fantasy land MPR. If this truck stop is haunted it is a shame cause you guys didn’t get any real evidence due to the fact you were too busy working with photoshop and whatever other programs you use to fake stuff rather than trying to obtain real evidence of anything paranormal that may be going on there! disgusting, it really is.

  19. You used the word intelligent as if you knew what it meant!! lol.
    And judging by the looks of your evidence….well….it really speaks for itself now doesn’t it Greg? *cough*bullsh-t*cough*

  20. i worked there as a dishwasher and went into the base with the guy who filmed this. We didnt see the ghost but something in the camera catches it said one of the people. We also went upstairs, where they said the negatve spirits were. I only worked there for 4 months but now they are closed, but not because of the ghosts.

  21. Wow!!!! I would like to know the make and model of their camera that enables it to capture the image of a ghost. That’s one hell of a option. I wonder if the factory has to install it.


  22. They were probably speaking of the IR? And some cams do catch light frequencies or spectrums that the naked eye cannot. However! Why is it that all of the ghosts they have “captured” on film are blue? also note how they have tons of shadow people pictures as well, and the one at the Waverly hills seems to be emitting light?? WTF? Shadow people are black or very dark and do not put off any light! It is clearly the shadow of a very much alive individual.
    I would also like to point out that actually capturing an apparition on film is EXTREMELY rare! yet MPR has tons of them.
    Bottom line is they are faking evidence and not at all concerned with finding the truth or researching the paranormal at all, they are running around showboating all of this fake evidence and pretending to want to help people when all they are doing is trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. And not doing a very good job of it. I feel sorry for the people that this group has managed to fool with all of this fake evidence cause one day the people they have fooled will see it is fake and feel very badly for ever trusting this horrible group of people.
    Real paranormal evidence is out there and can be found but if you spend all of your time faking evidence and being a fraud you will never find it as it is rare and well worth the hard work to get it.
    Oh and I see where MPR people have been on here accusing the people that post negative comments on them of being Trolls? Who is the real troll the people who have the nerve to post what they feel or MPR for continually checking this site to see what people are saying and then throwing stones at those who dare say something they don’t like?
    MPR you are the trolls now go back under your bridge and photoshop some more shadow people!

  23. That camera is not switched to IR mode. It is simply a camcorder in lowlight situation. And you’re right capturing an apparition on film or tape is extremely rare. As a matter of fact. So rare that they don’t exist at all.

    If you have any please show me!


  24. Quote: Greg
    I see a MPR Troll has even made it here.


    Ah yes MPR is full of Trolls, they are every where.

    One question Greg. Do you label everyone who disagrees with your group a troll? I’ve seen your posts in several places and you’re always on the defensive. Let me tell you something buddy if you and your group cant take criticism then maybe you should either get out of the “paranormal” all together or actually go legit because you guys are one sad bunch.

  25. I happen to live very close to the Tri-County truck stop and have actually worked there. I fully believe that it is haunted. On one such occasion I have had things hurled at me while walking past it one night and it was completely deserted. There was no one around. I have been visiting the restaurant since i was a child, having grown up in the area. Don’t be so sceptical people. I have been there and have spoken to a chil and his mother about things that they witnessed in the building. For instance the boy turned to his mother and asked her if she saw the man standing on the stairs, she said no, he said momma save her, when she asked who he was talking about he said the lady on the stairs the man is going to cut her mommy. My friend never saw a thing but the next day there was blood on the stairwell and no explination as to how it got there. The local area here is teeming with restless spirits. I recently moved into my hame and am now forced to move out again because of a strong male presence in my home that seems to be hostile. Some one really needs to do some thourough reasearch here.

  26. I don’t doubt the place is haunted. I have a problem with this: A normal ghost hunting group isn’t going to get amazing video or photo evidence on every trip or investigation they do. It takes real artistic talent and photoshop ability to get the shots they do. The photos are fake just like on Tv not everything you see here is true. Yes George they do put things on tv that aren’t real.

    The phrase for the day:

    You trolls go hide under the bridge and photoshop us more photos! Let us know when to pull out the popcorn and we are there!

  27. i used to work at tri county truck stop and it was very spooky when i was alone somewhere in the building.on a night i was working, me and the boss karen brown were sitting at the bar talking about freeky stuff that had happend to us and a waitress named tori said she didn’t believe in that kind of crap and the lights over the bar had started flickering.there is something about that place that is very creepy.i have seen stuff and heard stuff when i was alone but who cares if anyone belives it or not but hopefully someday they will experience something of their own and become beleivers

  28. I have to disagree with the no concrete proof statment. WHat exactly do you consider concrete proof. A full body apparition slapping you in the face in plain view of a thousand people. Are you saying you have reviewed every piece of possible evidene that has ever been captured? If not, you can’t say they don’t exist. YOu speak in awfully large certainties. It’s strange you say you search for evidence of them existing, then go on to sya they do not exist. Contradiction anyone? I’m a bit skeptical of this clip just like a lot of people. But to automatically say they do not exicst? Come on. That’s real easy to do if you ar enot going to accpet evidence under any circumstances, which is the impression you are giving. YOu offer no reasons for some of the outstanding evidence commonly known to anyone who is interested in tehf ield. All you do is say, what kind of camera catches a ghost. Basically, you are saying they don’t exist, then adding if they do a camera wouldn’t catch them…….pretty convienet. You are simply closed to the possiblity of activity and refuse to admit it. You even go so far as to tout your twenty years of research, yet when some ome else has a medical education you play it off like they are stupid and aren’t using that education. Basically, you come off as a self centered self absorbed know it all, who simply can’t accept he might be wrong. Is there a lot of evidence out there.depends on your definition of a lot. Is every piece turned in good. No….heck no…….but there is enough, if you open your mind a little bit and don’t go in with a prdetermined thought process.EVPs videos photos they are all out there…….things people have tried for years to debunk and can’t…..people form various professions…….I would say percentage wise it’s low, the amount of evidence that is real and good….but it is there…..

  29. Look I know this Blue Ghost looks to good to be true but i will tell you this. I am a skeptic and I was there. I seen the camera retrieved and taken off the tri-pod. There was nobody in the basement when the camera was filming. The time from turning the camera off to bringing it upstairs was approximately 1 minute. It was seen on the camera first while reviewing the footage immediately after it was brought up stairs. At no time was this film placed on or downloaded to a computer until about 10 people seen the footage on the camera itself. Yes i was shocked and i cant explain it myself. And I was just a courious bystander.

  30. I used too go too the Tri-Count resteraunt with my grandparents and one of my friends told me that the Tri-County was shut down and i looked it up on the internet and i was shaoked too see that it said THE THI-COUNTY RESTERAUNT was HAUNTED.

  31. Whats interesting about the people that say it doesnt exist, is that there is alot that we cannot see or hear or sense with our physical bodys that has been proven to exist. Frequencys of sound, light, etc. Its funny to see people think that we are allready all knowing. That we have allready figured it all out. That our boxed in world and reality is all that exists. People have scoffed at the people all through history, that did have it correct, more times than we can count. Humans are not that intelligent. We would like to think we are. We would like to think we are even the dominant and the higher species on earth. lol. Without humans the earth would thrive much better than it does now. There is alot that hasnt been able to be “Proven” yet that “does” exist. Humans can be very small minded. We should say there is possibility for anything. We should say, mabey the blue man walking across the screen did exist. Its a possibility. You need to understand when it comes to the unknown that you have to experience it for yourself, only then willl you believe. Once you do, no one will sway you from believing. You can make all kinds of reasons of why ghost, hauntings do not exist, as many as we can to show they do. So why is it the non believers think theres only one side and that is theres? Ive recorded spirits voices. Ive seen them. My choice and experiences has taught me that it is a area that is important to look into and investigate this possibility. I will discount my own evps or photos of spirits if I can. But dont be so small minded to think things you cant see feel or hear dont exist. Your dog hears a dog whistle, but you would never know one was blown. Elephants communicate below our hearing range quite often. I never knew this existed untill I learned about it. In my small reality, the only sounds that existed were what I myself could hear with my physicall ears. I was wrong. We only see matter that reflects light at only certain frequencys. There is alot of other ranges of light we are incapable of seeing. So how do we know we see “all” Open you mind to what could be there. Thats the only way we progress in science is to believe theres more than only what we know now. To have a open mind to the unseen, the unknown. All of our great inventors had open minds. All our great inventors were treated just like MPR and other paranormal groups. Years later, we found out they really had it right all along.

  32. One thing I forgot. I would like to ask everyone to write what there life has taught them a spirit or ghost “should” look like. Is it different than the blue spirit walking> Did the blue spirit walk differently than you in your own life have been taught or influenced to believe a spirit or ghost “should” walk if real? How many of you believe that when a person dies they go straight to heaven? How many really believe they have wings? How many believe that when you die, your mind opens to all the wrong things youve done in this life and you all of a sudden turn spiritual and kind. How has religion molded your thinking or belief system, possibly even subconciously through out your life?. Societys thinking, your parents etc. What do you believe a person that dies looks like or becomes? Now prove what you believe so much in. If you cant prove it, it musnt exist, and your whole religious beliefs were for nothing. Right? See what I mean. Reality is a tricky business. God musnt be real either, or someone would be able to “prove” his existance. Right? You only have evidence God exist, not proof. Please everyone, keep an open mind.

  33. I was an employee of the Tri-county Truck Stop at the time of the investigations. My name is Matt Sappington and im a firm believer of the events i witnessed while working there. I had two weekend shifts per week, Friday from 4 pm to 6 am and Saturday at the same time. I frequently saw the figure of a Black Panther walking and hiding in the shadows of the basement. I spent many nights alone in the building while on my shift and i saw alot of things that i cannot explain beyond what you see in this video.

  34. When I was about 7 years old, I woke up about 3:00 in the morning seeing a 4 foot tall spirit that was the same bluish fog, It was rifiling through my shelf, when all of a sudden it turned around looked at me & vanished through the wall.

  35. When I was 13 yr. old I walked up to my aunt’s porch on hillview drive in pacific. There was 3 small white forms one on the left 2 on the right all floating about a foot off the ground all had features they stared at us we stared at them we were in shock couldn’t move. two floated around the back of the house then the last one did the same.I am 62 and It was the most amazing experience of my life.I do believe in spirits. I talked to the man that bought the house he said the lights keep coming on and a woman screams at night.

  36. My grandma used to waitress at Tri-county for many years, that’s actually where she met her 3rd husband who was a truck driver and all-around good guy. I’d ask her if she witnessed anything while working there but she passed away about 2 years ago….OH wait maybe that’s her in the video..hehehe. No seriously she did work there but didn’t mention anything strange happening there and she often worked overnights, but doesn’t mean that’s not occuring there.

  37. I used to work across the street from the truck stop and have had numerous experiences just about everytime I have ever been there. My fiance and I were there one night and caught a blue image in a picture. A friend of mines son saw a man stabbing a lady at the top of the stairs that lead up to the old apartments, roof and office. The next day there was a red substance on the walls of the stairwell, no one knows exactly what that substance was. It is definately haunted, of that I am sure.

  38. i know the man who ownes the truck stop and have been to it many times….freaky things happen in that place! I have been in the back of the kitchen to see the deep freezers, up stairs, and down in the basement! I went upstairs one day and there were chairs moving around in the form of a circle! I swear the place is haunted!!! you can be standing beside a door and it suddenly open about 3 inches…then about 2min later it slam with the force of it being opened fully and slung shut as hard as possiable!

  39. my husband and i were there in May of 2009,during the daytime.We have been there several times when travling 66.I was shocked to see it closed.we never saw nothing.I only felt sad that another icon will probally be lost,and a memory is all we have.would love to know any updates on the future of it.

    1. Hello my name is brandy i was reading some of the coments on this site you posted on and do you even know why the tri county restaurant is closed please e-mail me at [email protected] we can talk about what we think made the place close. Thank you

  40. When i would go there with my grandparents, i felt like somthing was watching me the whole time i was there even when i was in the bathroom there is defenatly somthing wrong with the place i truly believe that it is haunted.

  41. if this is the place i remember, i stayed at a best western motel next to the restaurant in 1989. i remember that the heater broke and they couldn’t seem to get it fixed. also, i made the mistake of eating there one night and the food was a notch below what i refused to eat in my high school cafeteria. i experienced nothing except a run down facility and really bad service. don’t know why even a ghost would want to frequent the place. there is a great truck stop in sullivan, the thunderbird. go there.

    1. I have lived here all my life and i worked at Tri County for 2 years and never once seen or heard anything abnormal.But I do believe in this stuff just not there

  42. Hi. Last night a collegue of mine drove down from st. Charles to look at the truck stop due to it being for rent. We both work in psych/ behavioral health and well educated in mental illness. When I met him there it was around 1230 am. After we walked around building we took pics from the outside thru the windows. On one of our pictures there is a clear image of a boy reaching out yo us with his hands. There is an evil lookong male type figure with a thick mustache dead center . The lady at walgreens freaked out when we showed her. I am 6 foot body build on a professional level my collegue is 6 foot 4 neither has facial hair and we had to hold camera way above our heads to take pics this place is weird

  43. I just got back from taking some Long Exposure Shots of the building, not much to talk about, though I would like to see more done with Long Exposure in the ongoing research(if MPR is interested, I have extensive experiene with long-exposure, however not into faking anything FIRM.) I adored this place as a kid, just loved it. Beautiful in its hay-day, crystal trinkets for sale all over, and a cool gift shop. I don’t remember anything strange about it, aside from some wierd truckers. Hard to dismiss all the stories, from all the people, I mean lots of people that say this place is whack. I knew the last owner, I think. My nephew hung out with the guys son extensively, and spent some quality time there. He said it mostly amounted to stuff turning on by itself, and noises. He says it is definately active. Wierd in the fact that this place’s history of trauma is nill to non-existant, however the area generally speaking is a havin to endless anomilies, would really like to see an extensive research outreach on the area I.E. Villa Ridge. With all this said, I have to agree with the Trolls comments, much of what was said here by these individuals is obviously a one-way ticket to what they have already determined to be the outcome of their choosing. Seriously…why do ghost where clothes? What kind of question is that..I’ve never heard anything as absurd.

  44. Wow, This is clearly fake. Anything that is done by Steven Lachance, can not be trusted. Just wish everyone else could see through his lies and BS.

  45. I use to work at tri-county and was best friends with the owners son. There were a lot of weird things going on. Lights going on and off plates moving around noises downstairs and upstairs at night all that. I heard several people say they saw a blue figure walking upstairs all the time. Many people including myself would be in the bathroom and feel someone tap you on the shoulder when u turn around there was nothing. There was also an incident when we were closing that there was a young boy at the bottom of the steps to the basement when we went down to get the boy nobody was there. I just recently watched fact or faked on the syfy channel the episode was truck stop terror. I know that the place is haunted. I know there are some non believers but trust me there is something going on there.

    1. I remember eating there several times, and the hallways always kinda creeped me out. My team has never investigated this place, but if we did, I can almost guarantee there is something wandering that one particular hallway.

  46. I later discovered the SYFY “Fact or Faked” show and episode where they had the truck stop and that’s how I found this site…it may be haunted from what we experienced yrs ago.

    2002-2003 (we were talking about the Iraq invasion with a former girlfriend back then) We were there and we were the last 5 customers in the stop at closing time. A party of 3 were in front of us, they left with a tip.

    They were 2 tables in front of us. One of the plates just moved across the table of where the old customers just left and we thought the resto laced the food with acid because we were seeing things. Then the glass tipped, spilling the remaining pop over the table. We just quickly called for the check as I never experienced something like that.

  47. I am almost 50 now, but I worked there as a dishwasher when I was about 14, on overnight weekend shifts.
    Quite a place. Never did see any ghostly apparitions – however, it has been rumored, and I certainly believe it now based on hindsight, that there was a ‘truck driver services’ operation based there, if you know what I mean.

  48. Hey any one who lives neer the old tri county truck stop can tell me who owns that place and a phone # please let me know. That place is a real landmark and I got into trucking becouse of that place 30 years ago . I was out there about a year ago and some guys were gutting the place. I got a chance to walk through the old truck stop and I about cryed. dont care about ghost but I would like to reopen that place. I would hate to see it get leveled!!! [email protected]

  49. When this was Diamonds it was one of our family favorites. Anytime we were in the area we stopped there to eat. I loved the place and never saw anything out of the ordinary.

    We have since moved and live nearby. I drive by this truck stop every day on my way to work. I wish it was still open. I have a lot of good memories of the place. I will never believe that it was haunted.

  50. The blue form in the video seems to be going down an incline, or perhaps stairs. This reminds me of a haunted bar in our city.

    Back in the 1970s it was a two story live music club with a balcony. One night it was crowded beyond fire code tolerances. The balcony collapsed, and several people died. The building was renovated, with a smaller, sturdier balcony area overlooking the dance floor. In the course of the renovation, they relocated the inside stairs to the other end of the bar. The men’s rooms and ladies’ rooms were remodeled and reversed (former ladies’ room is now the men’s and vice versa). Many people who have worked there over the years have seen spirits dressed in 1970s clothes. One night about 15 years ago, when I was tending bar at a live music club down the road from the haunted club, a young bartender from the haunted club came in to watch a band where I worked. We started talking while the band was sound checking and he said he’d recently started work at the haunted club and was scared to go back to work the upcoming weekend. When I asked why, he said that he had seen a ghost, and this is pretty much what he said:

    “I was behind the bar setting up. The doors were locked and it was just me and one other bartender setting up before opening time. A guy in 1970’s clothing walked up to the bar and asked for a Harvey Wallbanger. I laughed and said, “Hey, great outfit, but ’70s’s Night isn’t till Thursday.” Then I told him we weren’t open yet and asked him how he got in, because the doors were locked. He just turned around, walked partway across the bar and walked up into the air like he was on a staircase and he walked straight into the ceiling and disappeared. As soon as he walked away from the bar, it was like old-time disco lights were on him: you know, like those glitter balls and colored lights and stuff, like ‘Saturday Night Fever.'”

    The young man seemed really shaken just recollecting this. I asked him if he had heard the bar was haunted, and he said that some people had told him strange things happened there, but nothing in particular, and he had only been there a short while.

    I asked him precisely where the ’70s spirit had walked up the invisible stairs. He described the location. It was where the old stairs USED TO BE. I asked him if anybody had told him the building had been renovated. He said no. I told him the ghost had walked up where the OLD stairs used to be. The young man was visibly shaken.

    I’m an old hippie, and I remember the old bar before the balcony collapsed. This young man would have been a toddler when the tragedy occurred. He is also from another state and came to our city to attend a local university. A whole generation had passed since the balcony collapsed. No one, including the owner (one of many over the years, two of whom met tragic ends — one committed suicide in the building in the ’90s). Although the place is known to be haunted, no one who owned or worked at the building at the time I spoke to this young man was old enough to remember where the OLD stairway was, and the new club was aimed at the young techno dance crowd, so I doubt any old-timers would have told him about the renovation to give him any background to make up that sort of story.

    Also of interest, men using the men’s room (it used to be the ladies’, remember?) report seeing feet inside the bathroom stall wearing ladies’ shoes of ’70s styles. They catch a glimpse of the feet and then they disappear. Usually it is feet wearing white platform heels.

    I seriously doubt that any of these young witnesses were provided with renovation information.

    People still see ’70s ghosts there today.

  51. I edited badly, I’m sorry. In the middle of the sixth paragraph, I meant to say that “no one , including the owner at the time, was old enough to remember the tragedy and none were born or raised here.

  52. What is the status of this building as of now Summer 2019? I was told it has been demolished, I sure hope not.

  53. Thank you. I’m going to take a ride out there & see what’s going on, but happy to know it’s still standing.

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