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Rich Henry of Henry’s Rabbit Ranch on Route 66 in Staunton, Ill., has entered a photo of him and his favorite pet rabbit, Montana, to the United States Humane Society’s Spay Day USA online photo contest.

I just voted myself. You go here, and have to click on the voting button twice for a window to come up (must’ve been designed by Diebold). You then have to register your e-mail address, apparently to keep the Chicago-style voting down.

Voting ends March 7. Montana is way behind in the voting, but I figured a plug on this site would help a bit with a comeback bid. A list of prizes is here.

Montana has been the welcome ambassador at Henry’s for years. Montana’s getting a little old and recently underwent abdominal surgery, but seems to be doing fine in recent weeks.

Montana does tricks, too. You can see her in action at about the 3:17 mark of this video:

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