Cozy Dog will be subject of Food Network program

The Cozy Dog Drive-In, a fixture along Route 66 in Springfield, Ill., for six decades, soon will host a camera crew from the Food Channel to show how the restaurant’s cozy dogs are prepared, reported the Springfield State Journal-Register in a story about tourism in the city.

According to the newspaper, filming will take place on Friday:

“Eighty percent of our business is repeat customers,” said manager Tony Waldmire, whose grandfather founded Cozy Dog. “But we get a lot of travelers on Route 66 and tourists, and first off, everybody wants to let us know they saw us on TV.”

Rosendahl said there is no way to measure the economic impact of this media coverage. But it undoubtedly adds to Springfield’s tourism industry.

Here’s a film made last year by Illinois Partners about the Cozy Dog and its culinary creation:

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