Joplin to install new directional signs

The city of Joplin, Missouri, will install more than 40 new wayfinder signs, including those that identify the original path of Route 66, reported the Joplin Globe.

The newspaper said:

Patrick Tuttle, director of the Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau, told the council that the 43 new signs, predominantly blue in color, will replace the current multi-colored signs and are compliant with state and federal sign standards. They will have reflective material to make them more visible in the dark.

The signs point motorists to such points of interest as Joe Becker Stadium, the Joplin Athletic Complex, the Joplin Museum Complex, the downtown historic district, the Range Line shopping hub and hotel district and some parks.

A special set of new Route 66 Byway signs will identify Joplin’s share of that historic highway’s original 1926 course. Some of the Route 66 signs will include an information box to tell the significance of Joe Becker Stadium near the original route that runs down Langston Hughes-Broadway and the Route 66 Mural Park near Seventh and Main streets.

The new signs, which will cost the city $83,000, were recommended by a tourism committee several years ago.

Continuing to have those signs is good news for Route 66 travelers in that area. Joplin is home to three alignments of Route 66, and it wouldn’t be easy to follow them without directional guidance.

(Hat tip to Ron Hart; image of a Route 66 Byway sign in Joplin by Leo Reynolds via Flickr)

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