Murals in Chelsea pedestrian tunnel to be revealed Saturday

Chelsea pedestrian tunnel

Project Chelsea of Chelsea, Oklahoma, is inviting Mother Road fans to the town’s historic pedestrian tunnel under Route 66 to see the new murals in it that will be revealed Saturday.

The Route 66 Pedestrian Underpass Mural will be unveiled at 4 p.m. Saturday at the tunnel at Sixth and Walnut streets. After the ceremony, the tunnel will remain open at all hours so travelers can see it.

The tunnel hearkens back to a time when U.S. 66 was so busy, tunnels were built under it so pedestrians could cross it safely.

The 90-foot underpass will have 13 postcard images of Chelsea’s historic landmarks on one side, and a blank wall on the others so Route 66 travelers can put their signatures on it.

Here’s the official invitation:

Chelsea tunnel invite

Artist Kenneth Hollingshead from Sapulpa, Oklahoma, along with 9-year-old Parker Stanbro of Chelsea, painted the images.

Among the images that will be on the wall:

  • The Chelsea Motel
  • The 1926 Pryor Creek Bridge
  • The first Sears kit home in Chelsea
  • Oklahoma’s first oil well
  • Farming, ranching and cotton scenes

Those who are attending Laurel Kane’s memorial celebration in Afton, Oklahoma, might consider dropping by afterward.

(Images courtesy of Project Chelsea)

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  1. WE had a similar tunnel under 66 in front of our high school in Claremont, California!
    Unfortunately it was closed and blocked off, but at least we got to experience it as high schoolers–secrets!

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