Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop likely has new owners

The co-owners of the Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop in Adrian, Texas, on Tuesday said they have accepted an offer from at least two people to buy the restaurant, with the sale anticipated to close in the early spring.

Dennis Purschwitz and his wife, Donna, made the announcement on the restaurant’s Facebook page. They declined to name the future owners of the Midpoint but said all would be revealed once the deal closes — likely before April 1. They said the new owners would make few changes to its operation.

The Purschwitzes had owned the Midpoint since March 2012, buying it from longtime owner Fran Houser. Dennis announced in late 2016 he had put the restaurant on the market after encountering serious health issues.

Dennis Purschwitz didn’t make major changes to the Midpoint Cafe menu, including its famous pies, after he bought it almost six years ago. Most of the alterations were cosmetic or energy-efficiency upgrades.

But one big change was improving the “Midpoint of Route 66” marker across the road. Once a simple sign that denoted 1,139 miles to Chicago or Santa Monica, it became is a landscaped spot with flags, a windmill, a brick surface and other features that make it nicer-looking and better for photo opportunities.

The Midpoint, formerly known as Jesse’s Cafe, attracted notice for its small-town hospitality and what then were known as “ugly crust pies.” Houser, who owned the restaurant for over 20 years, gained fame when she served as an inspiration to the Flo character in the original Disney-Pixar “Cars” movie in 2006.

The full text of the Purschwitzes’ announcement may be read after the jump:

We are pleased to announce that we have accepted an offer to purchase the famous Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop. While we have come to terms on the agreement, the actual purchase will not be completed until this coming March 2018. The pending new owners plan to reopen for the 2018 season on April 1st, if not before then. Until the actual closing occurs, we are not at liberty to provide information on the potential new owners, except to say that they have a love for Route 66 that is as strong as the one Donna and I have for the road. I know they will be as welcoming to guests stopping at the Midpoint as we hope we were over the past 6 seasons.

While this has not been an easy decision to sell the cafe and gift shop, we must due to health reasons. So while it is sad to say goodbye, it is also a happy time knowing that the business will continue and be in excellent hands. I have offered to assist them with the re-opening of the Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop and will “be there” to support them and be successful in their new ventures.

According to the new owners, except for change in ownership, little if anything will change. The same famous Midpoint Ugly Pies will be available to our guests and most of the menu will remain, including our famous burgers.

To all those who have become our friends on Route 66 and helped to support us by either being a customer or recommending us to those who were travelling Route 66, please continue to do so for the new owners. Route 66 is really one big family and I thank God every day for the opportunity to have owned the Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop and be part of the Route 66 family. It will definitely feel strange not being there or involved in the day to day operations. But it is time to move on to the next great venture in life that lies before us; including semi-retirement. It is also time to be home and spend time with my loving wife who helped me and allowed me to experience this opportunity. I will also miss my Adrian / Amarillo family and friends that became part of my life over the last 6 years.

Thank you everyone and God Bless.
Merry Christmas.
Dennis and Donna

(Image of the Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas, by JymPolranges via Flickr)

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