“Almost Ghosts” Route 66 documentary premieres Wednesday in Spain

“Almost Ghosts,” a documentary filmed by Ana Ramon Rubio in March along Route 66, will premiere at the Seminci Film Festival in Spain on Wednesday.

Among those featured in the film are Harley Russell of the Sandhills Curiosity Shoppe in Erick, Oklahoma. Lowell Davis, an artist who re-created his hometown near Carthage, Missouri; and Angel Delgadillo, the one-time barber in Seligman, Arizona, who persuaded the state to recognize Route 66 as a historic highway.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

Here’s the description of the trailer, translated into English:

At 73, Harley Russell lives off the tips he receives in his ramshackle venue in Erick (Oklahoma) with his show of mediocre musicians. Ángel Delgadillo, the last barber of Seligman (Arizona), continues to shave his 91-year-old driver who is diverted from the interstate to visit his town. Lowell Davis, with more than 80 years, is the number one inhabitant of Red Oak II, (Missouri), a ghost town that he himself was responsible for rehabilitating with the restoration of their old houses. Three stories of perseverance and self-improvement in what was once the road that connected the United States from east to west. Three survivors who managed to save the life of the best-known route in America.

Cristina Vivo, a producer for “Almost Ghosts,” said in an email she hopes to have the film screened in North America soon, probably in 2019.

(Screen-capture image from the “Almost Ghosts” trailer of Texola, Oklahoma)

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