Photographer Terrence Moore talks about his life’s work on Route 66

Terrence Moore has made the publicity rounds for his excellent new book, “66 for 66: A Photographer’s Journey.”

If you have an hour to kill, Moore talks about his book and his nearly 50 years of documenting Route 66 in this free-wheeling segment on Big Blend Radio:

Moore also was interviewed by Arizona Highways magazine. Moore gave some suggestions about how a first-time traveler should handle Route 66:

Get an idea ahead of time of what you don’t want to miss and factor those in, and then just slow down, poke around and talk to people. The more you do that, the more fascinating your trip will be, whether you’re just doing a small stretch of the road in Arizona or if you’re doing the entire thing. There’s little gems out there. I never really searched the road with a microscope, and there’s all kinds of amazing things out there that are associated with the road. Just don’t be in a hurry and don’t be afraid to talk to people. Let the experience come to you.

You can read more about Moore’s book in my review here.


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