French TV crew to film a segment on Route 66, Kingman next week

A French television crew will be in Kingman, Arizona, and on Route 66 to Seligman, Arizona, on Wednesday and Thursday to film a long-running program there.

The program is “Echappees Belles” (translates to “Great Escapes”) hosted by Sophie Jovillard. Thunder-Rode Motorcycle Accessories of downtown Kingman will play a big role in the program.

According to a news release from Thunder-Road:

Thunder-Rode Motorcycle Accessories held submissions for a passionate biker who loves Route 66 and would love to share their passion of The Mother Road with Sophie on the open road. Submissions were sought through Thunder-Rode’s social media pages and newsletter subscribers.   Local motorcycle enthusiasts submitted their information for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take the star presenter, Sophie Jovillard, on the back of their bike from Kingman, AZ to Seligman, AZ. During the Route 66 motorcycle road Échappées Belles trip, the FranceTV film crew will be following in separate cars, filming along the way. The Echappees Belles show is looking to capture some down-to-earth interaction between Sophie and the chosen local biker regarding Route 66 in Arizona and how unique and amazing our state’s scenery is along the route.

The FranceTV film crew will be in Kingman on March 11. It plans to film the show segment with Thunder-Rode Motorcycle Accessories on March 12.

Jack Alexander of Thunder-Rode said he didn’t have a date yet of when the episode will air. He advised that people “keep an eye” on the company’s Facebook feed.

According to the release, the “Echappees Belles” show, which has been on the air since 2006, regularly draws 1 million viewers in France. So the potential for the program to draw a new flock of Route 66 travelers from France is sizable.

(Image of Sophie Jovillard of “Echappees Belles” via Thunder-Rode Motorcycle Accessories of Kingman, Arizona)

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  1. Hello from France ! I’ll watch for sure, I like this show very much. 🙂 In france, we really love Route 66 and Arizona.

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