The Mill Museum in Lincoln closing in 2020 due to coronavirus, needed repairs

The Mill Museum in Lincoln, Illinois, will remain closed for the rest of the 2020 tourism season because of the COVID-19 pandemic and needed repairs on the former Route 66 restaurant.

The Logan County Tourism Bureau, which owns the facility, made the announcement Tuesday, according to The Courier in Lincoln.

“Due to COVID-19 and the necessary repairs, The Mill Museum will not open for the 2020 season. With this restoration the Bureau is further preserving this iconic, original building in anticipation for the 2026 Route 66 Centennial and beyond,” said Morgan Gleason who is the director of the Logan County Tourism Bureau. […]
“The majority of the repairs are on the north side of the building, where the old Mill kitchen was removed. At that time, a temporary plywood siding was constructed for that location. Also, after additional examination, it was discovered that more external repairs were necessary to preserve the entire structure,” said Gleason. […]
“The internal repairs include replacing the hardwood flooring in two spots that were damaged by water. Mathews Constructions was hired and began repairs in early July,” continued Gleason.
“With this restoration the bureau is further preserving this iconic, original building in anticipation for the 2026 Route 66 Centennial and beyond.”

The Lincoln City Council will decide July 20 whether to give $15,000 in motel tax revenue for the project. The plan received support from the city treasurer.

The tourism bureau plans to hold a grand reopening of The Mill Museum in spring 2021.

The Mill, which opened as a restaurant along Route 66 in 1929, featured a Dutch-inspired design and a turning windmill. It eventually was inducted into the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame.

Geoff Ladd saw the potential of the long-neglected property in 2006, marshaled local forces to save from demolition, and helped raise $90,000 to renovate it. It reopened in 2017 as a museum after years of work.

(Image of The Mill in Lincoln, Illinois, on its reopening day in 2017 by Ron Ferguson via Facebook)

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